Friday, March 18, 2011

Review: HANA Professional Pink Flat Iron

It's like knew my natural curls are back with a vengance and driving me bonkers. 

Fashion Blog Diary 140

They reached out a few weeks ago and offered to gift me with their top rated flatiron: the HANA Professional Pink Flat Iron. A $205 value, now on sale for $119. Such a lucky ducky I am.

Fashion Blog Diary 138

Gave the pretty in pink flatiron a whirl before my NYC trip. Needed to know my hair would withstand the "wintery mix" forecast. Was amazed at how easy the iron was to grip and glide through my hair. Love how you can vary the heat settings to minimize damage. Something about the placement of the plates also makes it easy to curl your ends and avoid the tell-tale flatironed-fright-wig-straight-ends look.  And did I mention how much I love that the flatiron, cord and case are all pink like a vagina!
Fashion Blog Diary 025

Best of all: the results were flawless. Straight, shiny, swingy perfection.

Fashion Blog Diary 142 

For extra amazing results, my pretties, I recommend using John Frida's 3 Day Straight spray before you flat iron. The combination of the two made my hair stick straight even in the NYC sleet (YES, SLEET!)


Make sure to check out if you need a hair iron, Tourmaline hair dryer, or any curling irons. And stay tuned, I'm trying to get them to give me a second give away to one lucky reader.

kiss and good hair to you all!


Haley said...

I almost died when I read "pink like a vagina". I'm still laughing! Your blog always brightens up my day!


haha did you seriously just write pink like a vagina. TOO funny! :)

Veronika said...

I have this flat iron and I also LOVE it!

Caroline said...

Omg - too funny "pink like a vagina" I read that to my roomies and we all giggled!

Andddd I really don't want to have to beg..update!! you are a fashion inspiration, don't leave us hanging!

Miss Woody said...

Um, hello, where haev you and your straigh hair been all of my life? Flawless.


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