Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion Diary: A Weak Week of Outfits

So it took three months but it's finally happened. I've gotten horribly behind on blogging. I'm in NYC right now for work---having a blast but working like a mad woman.

But I miss me some blogging. So here's a recap. Of a few outfits. For your fashion hump day pleasure. Kiss.

Monday, March 14

LA Fashion Week Show. Billed as a masquerade. Too ghetto for words.

Fashion Blog Diary 094

Best part about it was that Bridget from the Girls Next Door got tricked and showed up too. That's her fourth from the left in the front row.

Fashion Blog Diary 080

Can't believe I dragged tiny Miss JordyPants and her sequin to it. Mortified. Hope she'll forgive and mostly FORGET.

Fashion Blog Diary 095

Oh and did I mention, I managed to fall in my 5 inch YSLs? Ugh. I'm so old.

Fashion Blog Diary 097

At least I loved my dress.

Fashion Blog Diary 100

Lanvin helps take the loser sting out of a busted night...and ankle.

Fashion Blog Diary 104

Tuesday, March 15

Flats today. Wasn't taking any chances

Fashion Blog Diary 107

Debuted a new Forever 21 find. $14 skirt. Reminds me of Tibi.

Fashion Blog Diary 105

Toned it down with work seperates. Next time it will look cuter. I promise.

Fashion Blog Diary 109

Not as cute as my mom eating little pies at Simplethings. But close.

Fashion Blog Diary 108

After dinner, we peeped in the window at Alexis Bittar and SAW THIS! Scare me. Don't plan on going in that store anytime soon.

Fashion Blog Diary 111

Even though the jewelry c'est moi!

Fashion Blog Diary 113

I want

Fashion Blog Diary 114

One of the rings in particular reminded me of a ring I own

Fashion Blog Diary 115

So on Wednesday, March 16, I built my outfit around it.

Fashion Blog Diary 119

The dress, jacket and earrings are all Forever 21

Fashion Blog Diary 117

Look tres fance with the Fendi wedges and LV neverfull

Fashion Blog Diary 116

But my fave part of the outfit is the pear lining of the jacket. Delish.

Fashion Blog Diary 122

Almost as the delish cupcakes I polished off at work on Thursday, March 17
for St. Patrick's Day

Fashion Blog Diary 124

Wore the same dress from Sunday. Except paired it with green.

Fashion Blog Diary 130

Love me some green and navy

Fashion Blog Diary 131

Make that blingy green with navy

Fashion Blog Diary 133

Blingy Marc Jacobs green specifically

Fashion Blog Diary 136

Worst part of the outft: my natural curls

Fashion Blog Diary 137

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Be afraid.


Jordana said...

hahaha that picture makes me look like a midget! Hope the ankle is OK and that NYC is making you happy :-)

adeleno5 said...

Those MJ green shoes are killing me - I want them on my feet right this minute.

fshnonmymind said...

What chu talkin bout, Willis!!? Your curls are gorgeous!!!

I love the lining of that F21 jacket. I have a blazer from them that has the silhouette of a lady with a flying scarf. It's one of my favorites.

Sorry you wiped-out in the YSL's. Makes me a bit afraid to get the Tributes because my walk is so uncoordinated in regular (smaller) heels.

perfumeorpoison said...

come on - you looked amazing! i see nothing wrong with your outfits. you are my inspiration for buying more prints :) and love that chunky ring! sorry you fell and hurt your ankle.

Jean Bean said...

Stop punishing the kerls. Me likey.


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