Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I Watched, Ate and Wore in NYC: Day 1

The Scene
Jean Beaners happened to be in NYC for work the same weekend I got there. Best.thing.ever!

Fashion Blog Diary 150

She took me to breakfast at Pulino's on Houston. Heaven.

Fashion Blog Diary 145

Then we met Peaches to watch the Bill Cunningham documentary. Which you have to see. That lovely man is like a walking encyclopedia of the last 50 years of fashion. The portrait of the artist is incredily inspiring and more than a little tragic. Go see it.


Then we went to the Crosby Street Hotel for drinkypoos. Sat next to a guy with the floppiest hair I've ever seen, wearing white pants and loafers with no socks. Apparently the Blaine from Pretty in Pink look is back on the lower east side.

Fashion Blog Diary 152

Sadly, Mr. Broadway couldn't stay long. Had a big audition to prepare for. Please to cross your fingers, toes and legs for him.

Fashion Blog Diary 151

So Jean Bean and I got our cardio/shopping on. Alas, we mostly window shopped. The ONLY thing I liked at Topshop was these gloves. Absolutely, utterly heartbreaking. But probably a good thing for my wallet.


Un then, before we knew it, we were late to meet up with Peach again for Catch Me If You Can. Great seats and the spectacle was fun nuff but not my kinda show. I prefer a little more meat in my story, magic in my music and less lying by the lead. The Catholic in me really can't relate to that character.  


After the show, the three of us had a little nibble near the theater.  |
Fashion Blog Diary 156

Which for us equals eating and drinking way too much, too late, at a place for pigs called 5 Napkin Burger.

Fashion Blog Diary 157

Perfect day with two of my favorite people on Earth. I love NYC because I love them.

Fashion Blog Diary 160

The Outfit

H&M denim shirt, C&C thin tee, American Apparel liquid leggings, Tahari coat, Marc by MJ necklace, Bloomie's CZ studs, Karen Walker sunnies, LA Fashion District bracelets and ring

Fashion Blog Diary 143

BCBG boots and Louis Vuitton tote

Fashion Blog Diary 144

And my favorite floppy hat from Kitson.

Fashion Blog Diary 153

Which looks amazing on everyone

Fashion Blog Diary 146

Well, everyone whose head is small enough to fit in it ;)
Fashion Blog Diary 159

The Grade

The Commentary
My goal for this trip was not feeling and looking like a fucking tourist. Which I always feel like I look like in NYC. 

Think I succeeded with this first look. Felt comfortable and warm but still stylish. Like myself but still functional for the city flying at your balls.

Pretty edgy look, according to the home page of right this very second---three weeks AFTER I wore it best. Humph.

New Picture 2


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