Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion Halloween Costumes: Anna Dello Russo...and Bed Bugs?

Kicking myself for not being as smart as Brad Goreski or Prabal Gurung.  I didn't think to be Anna Dello Russo or Marc Jacobs for Halloween this year. FML.


That would have made it three fashion icons in a row---Karl Lagerfeld in 2008 and Rachel Zoe in 2009.

Picnik collage

There was still a kind of fashion angle to this year's costume. Last month I spent  10 days in NYC with my  favorite fashionista Jean Bean.  You could say she is obsessed with the Big Apple's recent bed bug, um, situation (read: infestation.)  Jean's theory is that the parasitic bugs hitched a ride with the NYC fashion crowd after the European fall collections.

pics 151

And so as an ode to Jean's phobia paranoia,
I decided to be the icky blood sucking thing New Yorkers fear the most this Halloweiner.   

pics 944

I dressed in all brown, accesorized with a skull scarf, Frette bathrobe, metallic antennea, cat eye sunnies that look kinda buggy too, fangs and matching bloodied mouth.

pics 945

 I also carried nods to some of the spots where bed bugs have been found: Macy's, Bloomie's and the Elle offices.  Couldn't figure out how to work in the UN.

pics 940

Mr. Diabolina took a less fashionable, more TERRIFYING approach to his costume.

pics 947

Ugh to that SCARY mask and self-fashioned creepy cardboard legs that my mom helped him with. And see the movie popcorn bucket above?  Yep, bed bugs are crawling all over the AMC theaters in NYC. Jean Bean hasn't seen a movie in months. 

pics 942

Thank god we were Halloweening in WeHo not the Village this year. 

pics 946

Mr. D and I were quite the hot bed bug mess on Santa Monica Boulevard. And by hot mess I mean more mess than hot.

pics 951

Typical us.
pics 957

Next year, I'll likely revert back to a more obvious fashiony costume.
Fruits on my head, see through clothing, sequins, feathers and legs for days obvious.












 I'll need to start working on that Anna accent too.
I lucked out with bed bugs.  They don't so much talk as gurgle human blood.

Though they do tweet. Follow the hilarious Bedbug Life here.


For more Fashion Halloween costumes check out,, Harpers Bazaar, W.


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

I want to bite you like a bed bug!

gucci uk said...

look at your post i just wanna say:let's go party

Jean Bean said...

Great costumes! For me to lay thousands of eggs in.

Sheila said...

I like the costumes, very creative!


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