Friday, October 29, 2010

My Super Sweet Panda Hat...At Last

To kick off L.A. Fashion Week earlier this month, Refinery 29 had a little shopping party for bloggers at Space 15 Twenty.

pics 202

pics 199

pics 197

pics 193

pics 200

Was over the moon to run into Alicia.
pics 187

Loved that we were wearing matching brogues.

pics 191
Great fashion minds.

pics 190

Also loved that we both got THIS close to buying more of what we already have.
pics 186

pics 188

I resisted and instead bought one thing: a black and white knit hat at Urban Outfitters.
 Except instead of a black bow, it has black EYES!!!
pics 189

FINALLY the panda hat I've wanted since 2008!!!!!!!!!

pics 205

Loooooved it so much Mr. Diabolina and I bought a few more for the USC game the next day.

pics 253

pics 251

pics 247

pics 249

Seriously how cute is a USC panda?

pics 233

ALMOST as cute as the panda on the Vuitton Spring 2011 runway. 


But nothing beats a panda wearing panda at Panda Express. Perfect.

pics 226

p.s. As I was getting ready to post this and watching Watch What Happens, that mad genius Andy Cohen had Lisa from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dress her puppy Ziggy as a panda.

I mean I literally couldn't make this shit up. WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!!


And yes. Yes, my head has exploded from all the fucking cuteness of this post. Hope yours does too.

ziggy as panda


Victoria said...

I love the panda hats so cute!!!

Sheila said...

Very cute <3

WendyB said...

What timing! I just posted my penguin hat today.

InnyVinny said...

Yeah, it definitely just exploded. I'm SO glad you got that hat. Seriously. I was going to cry if you didn't.


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