Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Scene

Beautiful day...finally ;)

First, Mr. Diabolina confirmed he is coming home tomorrow. He's exhausted but in good spirits. What he's been through and what he's seen this past week has changed him...forever. I can hear it in his voice. It is heartbreaking and exciting at the same time. Can't wait to hold him and talk to him and begin the journey that now awaits us - hand in hand.

Second, I was approached about a fascinating professional opportunity today. By a good friend of my mom's who is kinda a big Hollywood deal. Nearly worked for her a year ago but, um, she couldn't afford me ;)

This opportunity sounds more like a consultant role and would meld my passion for psychology and spirituality with my interest in the Web. Feels like the culmination of everything I've learned during the course of my career and even in the last year from blogging. Weeeeeeeeeeee shall see!

So much light and darkness dancing around me in this moment. Feeling so blessed despite the recent tragedy. Or maybe I'm exuding incredible grattitude because of it, because in an instant you are reminded that life can change and that you'd better enjoy every minute you have.

So much ying and yang in life. Have realized it's sooo important to pay attention to life's "coincidences," to get in tune with the quiet but undeniable rythmn of life, to temper the highs with the lows. And above all it's vital to KNOW that everything unfolds exactly as it should. That each of us is exactly where we should be at every moment at every step of this journey.

The Outfit
Old Navy dress
Emporio Armani blazer

The Accessories
Zara belt
Chloe wedges
Urban Outfitters zipper headband
Marc by Marc Jacobs zipper earrings
Chanel bag

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around the zipper head band again. Paired it with the Marc zipper earrings everyone always moons over. Love love love the harmony of the two together. Especially on a day when my face and hair were feeling b to the USTED.

Today's dress you've seen before - with tights and boots

With leggings and booties on a rainy day

My little bargain basement version of Lanvin.

Would work insanely well with these Lanvin heels.

But today I opted for different bows - Chloe leahter bows. Adore.

I invariably get so many compliments when I dust off these wooden wedges

Think people always seem so flummoxed by them.

Can you imagine what they'd do if I wore the YSL heels of my dreams?

Donned the cage-iest piece I own today.

See how the belt instantly transformed the casual ease of the dress?

The structure brought sophistication.

As did the blazer. Armani's good at that ;)

Loving boyfriend blazers over short dresses. It's a look that works in and out of the office.

The cherry on top of the outfit was these three very different bracelets - one from Forever, one from the Fashion District and one a fancy gift from my mom.

Love how seeminly disparate pieces can work together so beautifully

Currently have my eye out for a vintage men's Rolex in gold. Don't need it to work. Just want it for looks. Kinda like a trophy wife.


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I really love this look on you. Fab!

Unknown said...

ya know, I JUST noticed your "grade my outfit" ...and that's such a great idea! ..I may have to look into that for outfit posts ..I'll credit you of course ;)

Love that little floral number! It's so versatile ...love that.

...also, speaking of coincidences, have you read The Celestine Prophecy? ...it may be a bit cheesy but it's goooood ;)

weezermonkey said...

I squeeeee at your potential opportunity!

amber said...

Love the styling with the dress - very chic.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you re: potential business opportunity. {{hugs}}


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