Friday, February 22, 2008

The Scene

Heaven. Today was my version of heaven.

My Peach + Eating + Cackling + Shopping + Working Out + Boozing + Boyztown + Dancing = Diabolina's hog heaven.

Here's a little background on me and my giant Peach. Met freshman year of college. Became two two peas in a pod junior year and were inseparable by senior year.

Both only children. Both brown. Both ravaged by Catholic guilt. Both book smart but creative. Both outgoing clowns. Both booze hounds. Both in long-term relationships with guys who tone us down.

And most importantly, we are both pigs. Enormous, filthy pigs. We could eat all day long. And often do when we are together. It's a good thing we haven't lived in the same city since college. We'd each weigh 500 lbs. Seriously.

For breakfast, I decide to take him to Hugo’s because he's never been. Love introducing him to my piggie favorites. We catch up over fancy tea lattes. He just left his gig touring with Phantom of the Opera and is back in NYC full time. And even more exciting: he and his partner AB have finally found a gorgeous condo and have an offer in. Fingers crossed for them!

After an enormous breakfast we’re kinda at a loss for what to do in the rain. We head to Santa Monica to have a drink at the Huntley but end up just walking around the Promenade. We try to find new sunglasses for him but like me, he’s a tough candidate for sunnies. It’s the big noggin. Boo.

Random note: Peach has recently become OBSESSED with Uggs. He JUST bought his first pair. After living in New York for 9 years that's bonkers to me. So we play "Spot the Uggs" around town and up the ante by playing “Are they real Uggs or fakes?” Very fun today since all the girls are wearing them to combat the rain. (p.s. Why do people get fake Uggs? That’s just weird.)

Head back toward home and pop into Sprinkles since he’s never tried their cupcakes. He blah blah blahs about how they can’t be as good as Magnolia Bakery. Cut to Peaches at our place practically having an orgasm over his black and white cupcake. I have to stop him when he says he’s going to hoover down another one. I remind him that we are going spinning in less than an hour.

Yep, his boyfriend AB is super into spinning now and has suckered me, Peach and Peach's doppelganger Mr. B to go to a class at my gym.

Now you must know that Peach and I are not athletic…at all. In 12 years of friendship, I have never seen him in a gym. Seeing him pumping iron was surreal.

The spinning class was also redic. Painful but fun to try something new. Peaches brought his Sprinkles emblazoned water. Halfway into the class, the instructor came over to ask him if he was alright. It was like looking in a mirror.

Late night we decide to hit Popstarz like the old days. Mr. Diabolina, Sable Crow, Mr. NBC (my grad school bestie) and Mr. B all join in the Boyztown fun. What a delish harem of boys!!!

Meet Mr. B. He is a NYC friend of Peaches who now lives in L.A.

Me likey Mr. B.


He is hilarious and sarcastic. Kinda like an old Jewish grandmother...

Except hot like fire.

Kimberly Caldwell from American Idol performed. WTF??? IT WAS AWFUL. She tried to be down with the gays. But they weren't having it.

It’s super trippy to go to the same clubs you went to in college with the same friends. You feel like the busted old people you used to mock mercilessly. Sigh.

I tried to rock the vest/grey jeans/scarf look. Kinda rocker Kate Moss style.

Not sure it worked. Just felt large and in charge, drag queeny style. Fie on being big boned aka loving Sprinkles cupcakes ;)

Sable Crow wore his shit kickers over his jeans too. JINX!

And a GENIUS shirt that he can pop open for


Sexy velcro is hilarious. ADORE!!!!

Despite feeling like senior citizens, we have loads of drinks and dance until 2 am. No one breaks a hip. A+ of a day.

The Outfit
Old Navy dress
Vintage Parisian trench coat

The Accessories
Tomato pashmina
DKNY black tights

Slouchy black boots
Black and beige bangle
Chanel black chain tote

The Grade

The Commentary
Ah Old Navy. Old Navy goes in waves for me. Sometimes it has loads of cute pieces with great detailing. Other times it is a total dump.

It’s going through a major upswing right now. Run, don’t walk.

This is how I found out. First I saw their little cute animal print flats in Elle last month. Thought "Hmmm I should stop by" but didn't. Then I saw their ads in Lucky this month with today's lovely dress and some purty clutches. The clincher was that while I was in Portland my mom actually went to Old Navy and confirmed I would love alot of the new spring stuff.

So I popped in Monday night and went nuts. They are really working the spring safari look. They call it urban explorer. Whatever it is, I loves it. Spent

$100 on the two dresses in the ad, a top, a workout hoodie and a pair of flats.

Got this dress because it felt timeless. It’s one part Donna Karan, one part Marc Jacobs. Very Parisian with the tights and the trench. Also a pretty good cut on me. Can be worn belted or not. Will be great this summer with sandals.

The work out hoodie is a great pop of color for the gym. Loves the puffy sleeves. Paired it with brown yoga pants to sweat it up with my boyz.

Gonna be wrecked tomorrow from the Sprinkles, spinning and WeHo dance party silliness.

But it'll be worth it. You're only fabulous and 30 once :)


Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

Sounds like a blast! Old Navy has definitely come a long way :)
Happy weekend!

weezermonkey said...

I love the delish harem of boys.

Jean Bean said...

Spinning is hell. My sister used to be an instructor and she would make me go, and every time I felt like a shaken baby at the end. No me gusta. Now she has a Spinning bike at home so she can torture herself and watch the babies at the same time. I can't believe we're related.

Wish I was there with you Deans Hallers!

Michelle said...

You have the cutest friends! I miss Popstarz - I'm in the market for new gays - one moved to Phoenix and the other one became too cool for school. Anyhoo. I want your Hello Kitty earrings - I HEART Hello Kitty.

amber said...

spinning seriously scares me :/ good for you for giving it a (wait for it...) spin. hahaha!

ON is my go-to for cheapy summer/beach/workout/sleep tanks and long sleeve bum-around tops.

loving the dress with the tights and boots.

oh, totally thought of you this week when i was putting together monday's work outfit. round toe black pumps with plain black tights -- looked pretty cute with the grey/plum/black plaid skirt and black turtleneck. don't usually do tights w/ work heels, but after seeing you work it (with colored tights no less!!), thought i'd give it a try. i'm sold :)


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