Friday, March 28, 2008

The Scene
Dying for the weekend to start. A little anxious about the party but starting to get really excited. No one loves birthdays and costume parties more than me.

Mr. Diabolina and I spend our evening downloading 90s music for the purrfect party mix. We discuss memories that the songs evoke. So fun.

At one point, he suggests I chuck my 90210 costume and go as Paula Abdul. He'll go as MC Skat Cat. I love him, I love our life together.

The Outfit
Old Navy dress

The Accessories
Chanel black chain tote
Canal Street studs
Forever 21 headband
Stuart Weitzman gold gladiator sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Ugh could not deal with being sassy this am. Think it started with my hair looking curly grossie.

So I grabed this adorable Prada-esque headband that I bought at Forever to try to remedy the rat's nest situation. I ended up dressing around the headband. It became the MANE event, if you will ;)

Love this little print dress. Wore it when Peaches was in town - remember? Comparing the outfits is like looking at one of those Lucky magazine layouts where they go "where it in cold weather like this" and "wear it in warm weather like this."

At the beginning of the day I paired the dress with my Chloe platforms. But since I ran to the mall at lunch to pick up a few presents for Mr. D I switched to the flats. The platforms are hot but I feel like I am hobbled when I am wearing them. Very precarious, slow stepping.
In the afternoon, my boss said to me, "Were you wearing other shoes earlier or am I crazy?" I told him I was and that he is.

p.s. lookey how my new purty phone matched today's outfit. LOVE!

1 comment:

weezermonkey said...

I love the new phone as a fashion accessory.

I need to get more headbands, but my noggin is so big that sometimes they hurt. :P


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