Friday, May 29, 2009

The Scene
Big announcement at The Office today. Chapter 11 big.

I'd known this was coming for months so I was actually MUCH more shocked by a co-worker choosing to wear these shoes today than with the actual announcement. DEAR GOD WHAT'VE I DONE TO DESERVE WEBBED TOES??

Good news: Everything is business as usual. Bad news: Everything is business as usual. Sigh.

Since my momma knew I'd had a rough week, she whisked me away to a lovely French lunch this afternoon.

She also wanted to make sure I got this "before" shot of her hair.

I booked her Brazilian Blowout appointment at The Argyle for this afternoon. Ironically, Nicole Richie tweeted about introducing her mom to the Brazilian this week. Great minds...

Met her for dinner at Fat Fish to behold her PHAT new locks. Think hers turned out even better than mine!!! The highlights look insane! YAYAYYAYA

At least I helped this pretty little baby face end the week with a smile ;)

The Outfit

Ann Taylor button down
Rogan for Target trougsers

The Accessories
Me&Ro neclaces
Louis Vuitton earrings and Damier tote
Cole Haan wedges

The Grade

The Commentary

Knew the announcement was happening today so wanted to be a little dressed up for it.

Not sure why a button down and wide leg trousers screamed "bankruptcy appropriate." Maybe it's my old white man outfit ;)

Regardless I felt FRUMPTIFIED all day. Should have worn hotter shoes

And a more feminine top to feel more me.

Not sure why but I find skinny pants much easier to style than voluminous ones.

Though I have to draw the line at jeggings. Sorry Beyonce.

Now sequin leggings for evening I could get down with...

Just not with this particular top.

I think this is what Blake was going for

See how the length/cut of the button down, texture of the leggings and choice of accessories make all the difference?

I know my outfit could have benefitted from better accessories today -namely a cool belt.

But in an environment where people wear Aquaman shoe socks what does it really matter what I wear. {crying}


Juana said...

ugh about your job and DOUBLE UGH to those shoes at work. WOW!!!

weezermonkey said...

Did the person lose a bet? Was the person wearing them with zero sense of irony? Was the person BLIND?


WendyB said...

I'm more horrified by the shoes too.

Fabulosity said...

Momma D looks beautiful!!!

Caitlin said...

1. For all that is holy, please tell me you are kidding about those shoes. What on god's green earth would possess someone to buy those shoes and then feel fabulous enough to wear them in public(let alone at the office)?

2. I know you said you felt frumpy today, but I actually think the outfit looks pulled together and chic. Too hard on yourself sometimes lady!

Sable Crow said...

Those foot-things are offensive, and should be constitutionally banned. They're like a foot-version of a codpiece. I don't need to see rubber outlines of your toes, thank you.

I rank them as more disgusting that white socks and hiking sandals.

Please tell me a man wore them. They're the kind of thing only a man would wear; on casual Bankruptcy Friday, no doubt.

I sympathize with you. I'm so sorry.

Da Fashionista said...

Yes, it's a man. It's his new "thing." Everyone has been stopping by his desk to mock. But he doesn't care. He loves them. The best part of the story is that he came back from a vacation in ITALY wearing them. Of all the things to learn in Europe...

sad for days,

Unknown said...

i need my brazilian blowout now!!! your mom looks great!

ShoeZQ said...

WTF??? Those shoes = my own personal nightmare.

sopamaggie said...

You are a kind soul not to post that man's picture and name along with the shoes. They truly call for a public shaming.

amber said...

Those webbed shoes are unbelievable. :/

On a happier note, your Mom's hair looks fabu!

Kelley said...

Those shoes are awful!

I need me one of those brazillian blow outs, asap.

See - I think you looked cute in your outfit and that is why I need you to help me with my taste. lol! I was sure it was going to be an A then I saw C-. Awww man. I have a similar shirt and I always try to belt it but I end up looking ridic.

KT said...

Holy smokes those shoes~
I'd file Chapter 11 too!

Emily said...

Those shoes are too awful for words. I used to work at a super casual office, but casual is no reason to wear the shoe version of toe socks. Just close your eyes and pray that the offender ends up as the only office casualty of the financial news!

Jean Bean said...

Please don't give Peach any ideas.

Unknown said...

OH MY GOD THOSE TOES SHOES?!?!?! WTF?!?! How could anyone even stand those between their toes?!?! omg.

I think you look adorable ...but I know what you mean by frumptified. good word. you don't look it but I know the feeling.

...and I'm not sure I know what a Brazilian blowout is tell.

Lynn Tran said...

I weep for the person wearing those shoes and those of you who had to endure its sight all day. Steve has a coworker who wears those toe shoes, also, which he told me about months ago, but I did not, nay, could not, envision something so ugly. Now, I will never get that look out of my mind - thanks, D.

Victoria said...

how the f can those shoes be considered okay at work?!

Milly said...

Those shoes ...Yikes...eeekkkk
I'm not all that great with fashion but i even know that they are disgusting!!

your mom's hair looks fab too!

lookrichbitch said...

those shoes scare me.


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