Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Scene
Suffered a big meltdown this morning. Big. We're talking audibly weeping, feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, the works.

It was partly PMS. But it was mostly the last week of events finally adding up - turning 31, the earthquake scare, my friend's sister dying, my mom feeling ill.

Plus I got some disheartening news from beloved former coworkers last night. News that makes me doubt if it's possible to ever feel fulfilled professionally. News that makes me think every dream job eventually devolves into a kinda of nightmare. Ugh.

And,well, since I'm keeping it real, you should know August is always rough for me and my mom. It's the month my stepdad died. This year marks the 15th anniversary. Can't believe it.

All of that heaped onto my pervasive professional malaise equaled a full blown, good old fashion pity party of one today. Mr. Diabolina talked me through it. Thank god for him.

He convinced me to get out of the house and eat something (you know it's bad when I'm not even a hungry hippo.) Then we strolled through a farmer's market, enjoyed the sunshine, sampled peaches, bought gerbers and pined for puppies.

In a genius effort to cheer me up, he even lead me over to peep in the window of the new Carolina Herrara store. He knows Jean Bean is considering one of her dresses for her nuptials. We talked about all the things we have to look forward to, made plans, shoved the heavy stuff under the surface again.

Then like a good little American, I shopped my blues away. First stop - Target. Mr. Diabolina headed over to the BBQ grill section while I perused the new Richard Chai for Target.

Like most frugal fashionistas I've been awaiting the lastest Go International line with bated breath.

Love all the purple and the mix and match feel of the separates.

The flowery prints are so Marc I could poop.

And this tunic might possibly be the definition of chic simplicity.

The line definitely did not disappoint in person. Loved the fit of every top I tried on. Especially this button down.

The color palette, buttons, ruffles and piping were all even more Marc in the dressing room. In fact, Chai worked for Marc before reviving knitwear giant TSE.

The signature top in all the ads is a delight in person. It has exquisite, almost eyelet detailing that you can't really appreciate in pictures. Its cut a bit roomy though. I tried on the small. The other tops were a medium and a large.

This top is a real steal at $30. Amanda Peet must be pissed she paid hundreds more. Not sure I want to wear what's in all the ads though...

The dress in the ad did not work with my curves unfortunately. The tie in the middle was just odd. Wah. It's quite uniquely lovely thanks to the crinkly wrinkly fabric more typically found at Sports Chalet. Perfect for someone slighter and with a more defined waist than I. NEXT!

However, the print dress with the delish neckline and exposed zipper fit like a glove. All the sizing was as topsy turvy as ever. The color block dress was an 11, the poppy print a 9. Random and yet still depressing.

In the end I didn't get any of the pieces. Decided they don't fill any burning need in my closet. I did buy a pair of cream Rogan shorts mostly because they were on sale for $6 and I NEEDED TO BUY SOMETHING.

Not quite sure what's come over me lately. Don't know where all the shopping restraint is coming from but I'm kinda proud of myself.

Maybe it's the loooming threat of a Great Depression. I've asked Sable Crow to let me know when I have to resort to selling my purses. Sigh.

Next I checked in on my mom (she's doing much better!) and then stopped in at Phillip Lim. Fell in love with this oddly slouchy green dress with the best pockets I've ever experienced!!! What do you think? I went down a size so it's even more fitted at the nipped in waist than this picture.

The spring stuff is about to go on sale next week (it's not going on the floor, you have to ask for it.) So I may be able to get more with my credit if I lay in wait. Though seeing Leighton Meister in a similar dress tonight at the Teen Choice Awards makes me think that green dress is the way to go. Maybe I'll bust out a poll...

Ended the day with a delish tri tip and corn courtesy of Mr. Diabolina's new grill. He's wanted a big fancy one forever. We've been waiting til we have more room but today he decided just to get a smaller one at Tarjay. Enjoy the dog days of summer with some BBQ.

Think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Talking about my stomach and the grill, not Mr. D and the grill.

The Outfit
Armani Exchange tie halter

The Accessories
Me&Ro pendant
Marc Jacobs hobo
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Forever 21 sunglasses and bracelet

The Grade

The Commentary
Didn't really think when I grabbed this dress. Was too lost in my own delusions. Just wanted to be flowy, feel unrestricted. The heat and my thoughts were oppresive enough. Also wanted to show off the new necklace and the bit of color I got yesterday at the beach.

Added the bracelet because it's fun and I so desperately wanted to be fun today. Wanted to be breezy and playful, not drowning in all my thoughts.

Today I also returned a present I had gotten from my mom for my birthday. Almost got this DVF dress on sale instead. I've had my eye on it for weeks. Decided to refrain because the colors are so similar to today's dress.

Seriously, this self control is getting worrisome.

Also tried on some chain mail type necklaces at Forever 21 BEFORE I got this WWWD email. God, I'm good. SOMEONE NEEDS TO HIRE ME TO BE A TRENDSPOTTER!

But decided if I am going to buy a necklace like this for Fall it needs to be high end. Everything was looking too cheapie cheap. Especially compared with the new Me&Ro. Humph, says the bougie pig ;)

p.s. Jean Bean is back from a whirlwind trip to Russia with her momma. YAYAYAYA! Have missed her. She sent me this breaking news about the Richard Chai line:

I bought 5 Richard Chai pieces today in a hot panic because of all the greedy fashionistas swarming around, but now I plan to return 3 of the dresses. Keeping just one navy dress and a leather vest.

The fits weren't working for me. Arm holes were so high, I had to go big in the rest of the body. The vest was a splurge but I figure it can be the one trendy thing to carry me into fall.

p.p.s. Also check out Fashion Trend Guide reporting straight from the Tarjay dressing room. Her Go International roundups are among the most detailed I've seen out there ;)


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

sorry to hear you're having a rough should plan something to look forward to, that always helps me. i'm jealous you got to check out the new line at target, i seriously need to get over there stat.

DaisyChain said...

Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time.
I hope it gets better for you soon.

L x

lookrichbitch said...

*hugs* Things will feel better soon. I know it!

As far as Richard Chai goes, I tried on just about everything! Loved a few, comme ci comme ca for the rest. Very M for MJ. But you're so right about the sizing. It was all over the place!

Smoochies doll!

Kate said...

Sorry about the rough day. You have had some pretty intense "Life is fragile" lessons over the past few months. It's going to take it's toll. Thankfully you have a lot of love and support around you and that's really the best anyone can do. Of course, shopping doesn't hurt.

I'm really loving the green dress, especially imagining it a size smaller. It looks like the kind of piece that will hold up well fashion-wise and would be age appropriate now and 10 years from now.

Sable Crow said...

D-licious! Born from sadness is a great blog entry. Professional fulfillment IS possible D. Some of us enjoy it as much as you enjoy your relationship with Mr. D, and his ability to pull you out of funks. Some of us have Ambien, Flexeril, and pain killers to do the trick on a Saturday night. Since I live alone in my cavernous life, I even left the bottles out on the bathroom counter so my maid and masseuse would know what to do in the morning...Other than calling an Olsen. F. Too soon?

But like you've reminded me SO often before with regard to relationships--a "dream job" is not the be-all, end-all, and it's never a permanent state. It's not a free pass to happiness, either. Before I got the dream job, I spent YEARS (8 to be exact) doing crap. For all of you who spent several years getting better educated than me (and I include rocket scientists, natch), maybe you've just got more time left in the working world to catch up. Doesn't that gall a little? :)

You will no doubt reach a stride that feels less restrictive. You're a big engine, afterall, and you need a stretch of open road to burn the carbon off the cylinders. A trend-spotter indeed! I'm a stock market trend-spooter, and I see the chance in you for a BIG return on investment. Yum! My favorite thing!!

BTW, I have a bone to pick (Like a good crow!)! I want to go shopping with Diabolina. I don't know what I have to do, who I have to seduce, or what I have to pay, but I WANT IT. IT'S THE PRECIOUS. It's the most A list thing this season and I should be on the list. And yet, strangely, I read about you going to Phillip Lim without me, on a day when I didn't shower until 6pm because I had NO PLANS. Blech. Why do I always get type-cast as the heavy conversationalist? I wanna be a fashionisto!

I've worked HARD to be as frivolously shallow as I appear!

Muah! Corvus kisses and little black winks from my dark eyes.

Sable Crow

amber said...

ah, meltdowns are no fun, and yet, sometimes so necessary. hope you're feeling better soon. {{hugs}}

weezermonkey said...

[big hug]

Unrelated to your doom and gloom, we had a big fight last night. The mister slept on the couch. :(

tam pham said...

hugs and kisses on their way from dallas to la just for you!!!!!!!! hope shopping and spending time with the mister made you feel better!

Fashion Trend Guide said...

Greetings, I hope you feel better! Shopping makes me feel better, even if I don't buy anything. Thank you for the link, I appreciate it! I enjoyed your Richard Chai for Target review, this collection was a nice surprise because of the construction details and the fun prints.

Jean Bean said...

I'm back, and I'm smothering you with kisses. I second Sable. A dream job is attainable but, like marriage, it does not solve all of life's problems and in fact creates new ones. Contentment can only come from within. Or from a fur-covered tushie.

WendyB said...

Aw, sorry you're going through a rough time. I'm impressed you were still able to do your usual long, well-written, well-illustrated post.

Couture Carrie said...

Oh sweetie! It sounds like there are a compendium of factors bringing you down, and I am sorry for that. However, you seem to maintain a positive outlook and have lots of support. It is good to have a mini-brekdown once in a while, I say!
So glad that Chai at Target did not disappoint! And I must say that Phillip Lim dress looks amazing on you!
(Btw, love AX since I used to work there!!)
Keep up the awesome posts and my heart goes out to you, your former co-workers, and your family :)


Lynn Tran said...

Sorry to hear about the funk, D. The sun will shine brightly again m'dear. xoxoxoxoxox

dapotato said...


was looking for those rogan shorts at target. alas, none in my size.

hope you feel better soon.

Tiffany said...

When it rains, it pours... sending some sunshine your way!

The target stuff looked great on you, really liking the blue flower dress. You should get it!

Def. love the green dress!

Rachee said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day, I hope you're feeling better. If it makes you feel any better, I had a WWDD moment today at Forever. I picked up a super cute black and whit number =)

Cee said...

I'm not sure i can pull off that chain look. But I'll just wait and see what you come up with. Then I'll copy you!

Ya know, I'm really not too crazy about Richard Chai's collection. The material was too thin and everything looked shiny which isn't me. I am just jealous that everything you put on looks fabulous on you.

I hope you feel better. kisses.


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