Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina and I did the unthinkable today. Something few Angelenos dare to attempt. We - drum roll - walked. All day. Everywhere. To breakfast. To run errands. To dinner at XIV. IN LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!!

Our great walk-a-thon ended late-night at a place we've passed many a time but never attempted to enter: Hyde Lounge. You remember Hyde - it's that uber exclusive club where every tabloid celebrity did SOMETHING naughty in 2006.

Tonight Daughter D was celebrating her 25th birthday there! Nervous about the guest list situation at the door, Mr. Diabolina and I got there early bird special style at 10 pm. Similar to how we senior citizen rolled at Crown Bar for Styleminded's party. We are such old nerds.

As expected we were one of six people in the club for about an hour. The bar finally started filling up around 11:30 - right around the time Daughter D arrived. The crowd was that typical young, flashy club crowd that fills any bar in Los Angeles once the celebrities have moved on. Caught up with Daughter D as much as we could over the deafening music and left around midnight - geriatric pumpkin-style.

When we got home, Mr. Diabolina proudly unfurled a souvenir. HILARIOUS. Now Mr. Diabolina is not a scenester in the least but has been obsessed with Hyde for years precisely because he never thought we'd see the inside of the club. Please click on the picture to see the bottle service prices. L.A. can be soooo ridiculous.

The Outfit
Nanette Lepore dress
American Apparel leggings

The Accessories
Fashion District bangle
Chanel earrings
Thrifted clutch
YSL heels

The Grade

The Commentary

Started the day off very Hills casual in my new purple bubble skirt and flat sandals.

For the evening's festivities decide to debut a new Nanette Lepore dress I scored resale last month. Perfect LBD for $100. And flattering in a 1950s party dress with pockets, cinched waist and sweetheart neckline kinda way.

Knew I wanted to wear it with my layaway YSL heels tonight

But didn't want to look too dressed up for Hyde. Like a country mouse.

So decided to add the leggings and dial done the preciousness.

Settled on the rock and roll ones instead of the plain ole cotton.

Maybe it was because we saw Slash from Guns 'n' Roses and his wife tonight at XIV, the former site of the legendary Coconut Teazer.

Or maybe it was because the sheen of the dress worked so well with the sheen of the leggings like they were meant to be worn together.

Felt the final effect with the YSL was a bit edgier

More 25th birthday party appropriate.

Something Betty from Le Blog de Betty might rock in her 30s.

Adoring her je ne sais quoi.

Unfortunately tonight reminded me just how much I want new YSL shoes

Especially these beauties

Stripper chic at it's finest.

And that blue sole - ADORE!

Thinking they'd be infinitely more practical than the booties

And cage shoes I've also got my fiending eye on. I mean how much more practical does it get than 4 inch black pumps with a one inch platform for $800?


Marian said...

Love that dress on you, it looked great with leggings. fabu blog.

Milly said...

love both outfits!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

You are really rocking lately. I LOVE this outfit! Of course, I'm crazy about the shoes...hee hee. Anyway, great minds think alike. I've been thinking of getting that EXACT SAME PAIR of YSL pumps you're eyeing. They are gorgeous! But alas...I keep telling I really need them?

Jean Bean said...

Why do you hardly wear this silhouette? That dress is mad flattering on you!

Academichic said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on our site!

I LOVE your dress, it's gorgeous! And good for you for tackling the city by foot, I'm all for that!

Jadelily said...

Very sweet, sexy dress. Perfect combo!

And I love it whenever you use the term "country mouse."

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

ooooh love that nanette lepore. i gots to get myself to some resale shops asap! and dont even get me started on the ysl trib 2's i was on ebay last night drooling at them while my bf looked at me like i was crazy for wanting to spend hundreds on "stripper" shoes. :)

Lotus said...

love the AM & PM look:) I am really feeling leggings with dresses!

Sable Crow said...

You look pretty D! And I love Mr. D spriting away menus inside his pocketses.


Tiffany said...

adore the dress and the shoes! I envy you that you have those YSL's. I'm dying for those ones that you are wanting too. I tried on the slingback version at Nordstrom but they didn't have my size.

Bottle service in Vegas for my sister's bachelorette party is $950 (not including tax!) I'm thinking that money is better spent towards those YSL's. Damn her for getting married! ;)

weezermonkey said...

That dress is PHE-NOM.

Victoria said...

I tried that NL dress on in vegas so glad i didn't buy it now knowing you found it for $100! Looks amaizng on you. Maybe I will be so lucky :) See you on Saturday!

WendyB said...

Sex-ay dress. That's my kind of neckline.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Most fanstic outfit yet. LOVE IT!! And I can't wait to get a pair of YSL's this year too.

amber said...

So sexy. So hot. Perfect.

lookrichbitch said...

you look dreamy!

tried to go to hyde a couple years ago. i guess we weren't fabulous enough to get in. ahh the poor tourists!

Rachee said...

you look gorgeous, love this outfit!


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