Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Scene

Big fat Jewish deli breakfast this am.

Worshiped at the altar of Italian couture in the afternoon.

And dinner at Pinches Tacos. What a (heathen) Easter ;)

If you love pugs, fashion, gays & Rome, the sumptuous new documentary Valentino:The Last Emperor is for you. It certainly feels like it was made for me. Seriously, run in heels, don't walk in flats.

Not only do you get stunning fashion like this ah-mazing gown which you follow from Valentino's dream one morning through the collaborative design process to the final runway debut months later.

But you also get a love story. A love story that spans nearly 50 years. A professional and personal partnership between two men - two fabulously talented and tan men. Two men who have created beauty and an empire together.

At a time when gay marriages are under attack and everyone's interested in turning a quick buck rather than creating an enduring legacy, this film is deeply inspiring.

Plus there's this priceless moment when Karl Lagerfeld whispers to Valentino, "Compared to us, everyone else is making rags." Me-OW. Me loves a cat.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress and jacket

The Accessories
JCrew rosette pin
Gucci bag
Fashion District rosette bracelet
Vintage scarf
Marc by Marc Jacobs heels
Forever 21 ring
Me&Ro necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

After a week of so much black

I was ready for pretty spring colors today.

Read to get my easter on

Sans the ears and baskets ;)

Nothing says easter to me like a Pucci-inspired swirl of pinks and yellows

And nothing says (Playboy) bunny like today's plunging neckline. F. Had to keep tucking my bra away.

Today's dress may be a rag in the grand scheme of fashion but it makes me feel as though I was wearing Valentino couture.

The cut is just so flattering, the material so easy, the colors so vibrant.

Got quite a reaction all day.

Maybe people actually think it's this season Pucci.

Currently on the hunt for just the right Pucci-inspired maxi dresses.

They'd be perfection for this summer's Mexico and Hawaii trips. Dying for a tropical getaway.

If money were no object, I'd pick up this Milly dress

And pair it with these Stella sandals.

Alas, money IS an object. Haven't built my empire YET. My big splurge this weekend? Getting my nails did. Not quite the same ;(


amber said...

I totally lost what little fashion mojo I had on Easter. My bedroom was completely ransacked with all my tossing around clothes because nothing felt right. Blah.

Love that dress on you. So pretty. So pink!

Couture Carrie said...

Sounds like the perfect Easter Sunday, Diabs! Great to see you and hear from you!! Love your outfit and all the spring-y dresses you posted :)


Lynn Tran said...

What a lovely vision for Easter you were!

tam pham said...

what a delightful Easter!!!

lookrichbitch said...

swooning over those stellas! and i think i have that same ring! twinsies!


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