Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Scene
Good news: My momma's back!! Over dinner, she regaled me with stories about her whirlwind trip to Guatemala. How she saw that beautiful countryside juxtaposed with all that devastating poverty. How she ate her native foods, roamed the streets she used to walk with her grandmother, joked with peddlers hawking their beautiful wares to American tourists for pennies.

She told me how one night, bored, she was thumbing through the phone book and found an old boyfriend and actually called him!!!! She told me how happy he was to talk to her, how easy their conversation was, how he said to this day, forty years later, his mother always tells him he should have married that little brunette with the big eyes.

She told me about how her best friend from 30 years ago revealed in tears she regrets every day not following my mom to the US, not giving her daughter the opportunities I've had. Such heavy, heartbreaking, nostalgic stuff. Wish I'd been there - for all of it. Next time.

More good news: Mr. D won his trial today!!! Took the jury just forty minutes to deliberate and rule in his client's favor. What an accomplishment. And thank god he can come home now and relax. Alot to be thankful for next week.

The Outfit
Proenza Schouler for Target tank
Banana Republic sweater and skirt

The Accessories
Stella McCartney pumps
Marc Jacobs purse

The Grade

The Commentary

I cannot get enough of gray lately.

Am like a woman obsessed.

Particularly loving these Burberry looks for Spring.

These dresses look half trash bag, half liquid - adore!

Also adoring high waisted looks - hence the hiked up skirt with tucked in tank. May have to invest in one of these Black Halo dresses soon. So Roland Mouret!

Regretfully, I have to bust on Blake again today. LOOK AT HER! This is one gray, high waisted look that I cannot condone. Not sure what her stylist was thinking. Her twins deserve better than this ;)

My curls also deserve better - better products. Poor sad fro today. Must pick up curling lotions and potions this weekend.

Speaking of hair, I loooooved this story on the Sartorialist this week. It's a great reminder that you never know what someone has been through - who they really are - just by looking at them:

"I was chit-chatting with Susan after I took this picture and mentioned that I thought her hair was sooo beautiful - her best feature. She said thanks and added that she had lost her hair once because of cancer. She now purposely keeps it long because she feels it is such a gift to have it back and, for her, a sign of life."


weezermonkey said...

Hooray for mami's return!
Hooray for trial victory!
Hooray for gray!

Lynn Tran said...

Much to celebrate indeed. Congrats to Mr. D! We need more pics of mama in her youth in Guatemala - I bet she was one sexy vixen.

R said...

Welcome home to your momma and Mr. D! Happy both their situations went well.

I meant to comment on your request for curl enhancing products...I use this to help tame my mane. I have naturally curly (unruly) hair and I find it helps. Maybe it'll work for you too. It costs about $4 at Target and sometimes I can find it at a grocery store. Good luck!

Jean Bean said...

OMG I need more Guatemala stories. More!

Kate said...

YAY for Mr. D!! And yay for you having your man back. Loving that your mom called the boyfriend....good for her.

You know I believe the right products are out there for your hair. You will find them. I know it doesn't always feel like it but you are blessed to have that curly mop.

Also, that dress on Blake - hideous.

Couture Carrie said...

So cool that your mom went to Guatemala!

Love your outfit!


P.S. Thanks for the bday wishes :)

Anonymous said...


You're mom sounds like an adventurous woman. I just stumbled on this blog and I really like the feel of it!


WendyB said...

Big congrats to Mr. D.

Unknown said...

awe, your mom is sweet! ...Your outfit is great..I love the commentary and the grade you give it. I like to see how others do their fashion posts ...everyone gives it their own flavor and it totally works. I agree with Blake's look ...although her boobs look great....but I wish the rest of the dress was a mini or at least knee length and form fitting and all the same material!

The girl with the long hair story is crazy, right?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

I have that same shirt! Gray is absolutely lovely - I also cannot get enough of it. YSL has so much gray right now. I wish I could have just one piece from their fall collection. Wait - I have the envelope wallet, but that's not gray.

tam pham said...

congrats to mr. d. i think your hair always looks fab :-).

amber said...

some heavy and fun stuff your mommy dealt with on her trip. i'm sure you're thrilled to have her home!

yay for mr. D!

and yay for susan and that beautiful hair of her. we saw some amazing young cancer survivors on the 3 day walk. even without hair, they were such beautiful women.


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