Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Scene
Today was our 10 year anniversary. Mr. Diabolina had to remind me. Ugh. Huge F for me. A+ for him.

Not to make excuses but I've had quite a bit on my mind. With my mom's return and Mr. D's trial and the big project at work, I've been emotional and nervous and miserable. Been trying to keep distracted and not think too much.

To make matters worse, one of our very best friends was facing layoffs this week. Horribly anxious for her. Thankfully, she found out today she will still have a job come tomorrow. Unfortunately, 3/4 of her co-workers won't. Tough tough times out there. Even for rock stars.

Mr. D was off today. Came home for good, napped and then grilled us up an anniversary feast. What a prince.

He even got me a Phillip Lim dress as an anniversary gift. Well, sorta. I got a call earlier in the week inviting me to a private sale tonight. 40 percent off the fall collection. Still have a store credit thanks to my birthday present from Mr. D so made plans to stop by after work.

Lured Sable Crow to join me with promises of natty sweaters. Perfect nerdy hotness for a big event we have coming up.

Tried on a few dresses. Loved the shape of this one!

But wanted it in the blue print instead of the champagne. More wearable. Alas no 6 to be found.

Adore this holiday bejeweled dreaminess.

But unlike the mannequin I have hips so the line of the dress did not hang right on me - in a 6 or an 8. Boo.

Ended up getting one odd beauty of a dress. It's not a stunner but it's a classic. Will share pics of it soon.

But sorry, this Phillip Lim water is all mine ;)

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Burberry trench coat

The Accessories
Stella McCartney heels
Louis Vuitton tote

The Grade

The Commentary
Wore this new Forever 21 dress because it felt v. Phliip Lim-y. When I walked in the door, Mr. D thought I'd worn the dress I just bought home!

It's the odd and fanciful shape and the color palette and the glorious, glorious pockets - all so 3.1.

And the bubble hem. I think the first time I ever heard of Phillip Lim was when I kept seeing this simple but gorg bubble dress on every starlet.

How far he's come in just a few years.

Felt like a little girl playing dress up today in my $24 dress.

Like the babies who wear Phillip's aDORable kids line.

Sable Crow had the best comment of the night, said I looked like a present all wrapped up in tissue paper and peeking out to say hello.


weezermonkey said...

What a nice anniversary! Can't wait to see your new Phillip Lim dress! I'm sure it's perfect for you!

A number of my friends, in the legal industry and otherwise, have already fallen victim to layoffs. It is an uncertain time for many.

WendyB said...

The Champagne-colored dress looked great on you!

Milly said...

nice dress...i can't wait till i see your new Lim dress

Victoria said...

10 years! That is a major accomplishment. Enjoy!

tam pham said...

phillip lim+ diabolina= heaven.

lookrichbitch said...

baby lim line?? ridic!

i wish i was a baby!

Lynn Tran said...

Happy Anniversary - hope it was romantic and lovely. You two deserve it. XOXO

amber said...

happy 10 years!

that forever dress looks killer on you. can't wait to see the philip lim you purchased :)


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