Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Scene

Tonight The Brown Devil invited me to the grand opening of Lamborghini Beverly Hills. Fab-u-losity.

Totally ironic though since I am so not a car person. I prefer to wear my status on my shoulder ;)

Invited my favorite car aficionado to escort me. Knew his high net worth ass would appreciate the scene.

And what a scene it was! You wouldn't know the Great Depression Part Deux is nigh from the spread inside the party.

Effen martinis and champagne were freely flowing.

And designer chocolate abounded.

There were designer baubles to try on

And adult video games to tickle your fancy.

There was also a cigar bar! Ugh. Total and utter decadence.

Unlike most of the fashion parties I go to, this event was truly a man's paradise. Made sure to grab Mr. D a goodie bag he will love.

It was also a field day for anthropologists like Sable Crow and myself.

We made alot of observations about class, culture, status, branding and fashion. Tonight they all intersected - for betta or worse.

The Outfit
Robert Rodriguez skirt
Vintage trench coat
Thrifted top
The Accessories
Joseph Campbell gladiators
Forever 21 sunglasses and bangles
Chanel bag and earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

What do you associate with Lamborghini? European? Expensive? Fast? Sexy? If you are like me and get confused easily by cars, maybe Back to the Future ;)

You definitely don't equate Lamborghini with words like understated or subtle. In fact, when you see a Lamborghini and the license plate is bedazzled, you aren't shocked. You simply snap a picture to prove your point and keep walkin'. After all, the brand is synonymous with flashiness, with a "look at me" bravado, with someone who wears their wallet on their sleeve.

And thus, the fashion tonight followed suit. It was...um...loud. Ed Hardy, bling blingy kind of loud.

Loud as in I can't hear you over your Herve Leger, animal print fur, bejeweled choker, and white Chanel bag!

There was alot of brightness and shortness and TIGHTtness.

And a fascinatingly disproportionate amount of white shoes

There were men in soccer jerseys and oddly embellished button downs and jackets. What IS that? An amoeba?

And did I mention Herve Leger, animal print fur, bejeweled choker, and white Chanel bag - all on one person!!!!

My sex-ay shoes and animal print were a nod to the Lamborghini aesthetic but weren't nearly flashy enough. My neckline was too high, my skirt too long. My clothing was not form fitting at all. I mean, how is a man supposed to determine what my ass looks like and whether it'd be just the right trophy to sit in his luxury automobile. I can be so inconsiderate sometimes ;)

That Bai Lin on the other hand got it right tonight - finally a crowd where she blended purrrrrrfectly!

Now don't get me wrong. You know I love flash. After all who wore sequins twice in the last two days? [We can always count on the WWWD gals to focus on just the thing I've been writing about approx. two days later- hmmmm]

But I prefer classic looks with just a dash of flash. Like a glimpse of red soles.

Or an embellished Nanette Lepore neckline.

Or an impeccable bespoke pin stripe suit. Especially as worn by the dashing CEO of Lamborghini. Euro yum.

Confession: nearly everything I wore tonight - the top, the skirt, the shoes, the trench - I got resale.

In fact the top - though it looks like Gucci Resort 2008 - was $3 at Goodwill!!! Most of the people in that room would be horrified. However, the Chanel evened things out. Chanel was THE purse of the night. Interesting, no? I thought it'd be more of a Dior or Gucci crowd. Maybe even Betsey Johnson ;)

To see more party pics courtesy of 944 Magazine, click here.

And watch Fox 11's party coverage - you'll find out what part of the world sells the most Lamborghinis. My guess had been Italy. Was totally shocked by the answer.

Gracias to The Brown Devil for the invite - sad we didn't get a photo together!


weezermonkey said...

Bai Lin is beyond bizarro.

I think you looked great.

Sable Crow said...

That party was urban anthropology. I described the scene to my boss and his wife, and they were HORRIFIED.

I think they might have been horrified that I was even there... :)

Can't wait to chomp on that cigar. If only the stock market would come back a little so I could feel a little bit more Robber Baron and a little less Robbed and Barren.

amber said...

my jaw is on the floor over the chick with the turquoise dress+animal fur+choker+chanel bag. yikes! :/

WendyB said...

You do some great retail shopping. I'm laughing at the fashion you saw, especially the white shoes.

Carson said...

God, I love your description of the party. I'm sure that was an interesting scene to say the least. I love your assertion that you'd prefer to wear your status on your shoulder. I heartily agree and would add the feet as well!


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

White shoes? White shoes? I mean white shoes? And lets not even talk about that other woman wearing all her bling at once.

TINA said...

Wow, what a strangely-dressed crowd of people! Everthing seemed so tight and mismatched, yuck! I think you were by far the most fashionable person dressed there, even if you don't agree.

The people were much more well-dressed at the grand premiere of the Ferrari California; I wonder why the attire of the guests at the parties of expensive and luxurious cars were so drastically different?!


Milly said...

love the top and the shoes!

Anonymous said...

I personally love the look! Had it been another occasion, would you have given it another grade? I'd give it an A!


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