Monday, June 2, 2008

New Feature: It's Jean Bean's Jobby Job to...

My friend Jean Bean was the inspiration for this blog.

She and I met our first year of college and were roommates our last. While I was still shopping in the fashion district (i.e. in fashion diapers), she was building her designer shoe collection. I remember our little apartment filled with her stacks of fancy shoe boxes like it was yesterday.

For the last 7 years, she's been building her reputation as a journalist, covering the one thing she does better than writing - fashion. She is a true, honest to goodness, professional fashionista. At the top of her game. I bow down!

Obviously,I've been wanting her to contribute to my bloggy blog. Thought about doing a radio blogcast where we gab fashion (stay tuned!) And the other day we started talking about writing a book together (girls can dream!) So there are endless possibilities ahead...

But for now, thought I'd give you glimpse at the type of emails that find their way into my inbox from her. Delicious emails she knows I will devour. Emails that make me squeal with a mixture of delight, pride and hope. Emails that delineate just how cool her jobby job is.

It's Jean Bean's Jobby Job to
get fitted for a Calvin Klein dress and go to the CFDA awards!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008 9:01 PM
From: Jean Bean
To: Diabolina
Subject: CFDAs

Here's me in my Calvin Klein Collection dress WITH Francisco Costa, who won Womenswear Designer of The Year! I'm 2 for 2! Last year I wore Philip Lim and he won :)

The look was minimal and anatomical. Accessories: only Elsa Peretti bone cuff, engagement ring and nude patent pumps, which I bought Friday. I learned it by watching you!

I sat next to the EIC of Men's Vogue for the ceremony, and then for the dinner I was seated next to Mark Badgley but I joined the GQ table instead. I talked to Tom Ford and Harvey Weinstein.

Sigh. I really have focussed to get to this level. I'd hate to have to give it up.

Favorite look of the night was Tory Burch. So electric, bold. She won accessory designer of the year.

Oh and I loved Anna Wintour in her girly gold frock.

Marchesa's Georgina Chapman looked beautiful in red.

I thought Ashley Olsen looked tres chic in her little 80s tux. See her little head behind my shoulder in the picture with Francisco??? Am supposed to go to a party this week for Francisco at the Olsen apartment where Heath Ledger died!!

DVF wore a vintage YSL suit, as did Naomi Campbell. The only time I’ve ever seen DVF not wearing one of her own dresses.

And Carolina Herrera looked great in a white tux. So pants as evening wear was a big theme.

Maggie Gyllenhaal wore a cool Proenza pants ensemble and Fran Lebowitz wore a Savile Row dinner jacket, which is totally expected. Who else...

There wasn’t much memorable fashion. It's not an event that encourages risk taking like the Met ball does.

Longoria, Mendes, Mandy Moore, all good but very safe. The highest fashion was on the models brought by the nominees, and that doesn’t really count.

I liked the back of Posh’s MJ dress, but not the overall.

That dress was wearing her.

Kiss you!


Any questions for Jean Bean about the fashion glitterati?

I'll start:

Did Marc pretend not to know me?
What's the procedure for returning a borrowed dress?

Can I move to NYC and go to all these FABU events with you????


weezermonkey said...


G said...

you two have totally inspired me...need nude heels for black dresses pronto...TOO cute...

tam pham said...

pure jealousy on my part.

Jean Bean said...

Oh golly, you flatter me! Well, the other time I wore Francisco (I call it Francisco to avoid confusion with Calvin's myriad diffusion lines) they told me afterward to keep the dress, so I just returned the coat and shoes. The "procedure" is I hand it to an intern, who messengers it back to the company's PR dept. Sometimes you can "forget" to return things and the publicists "forget" to demand it back. I'm hoping that's the case now... I only ever borrow clothes for formal occasions, because otherwise I would go broke. But I can't shake the fear that my journalism school is going to revoke my degree one day for these ethical transgressions! This is my first job where I could accept any gifts or favors, and I still feel guilty about it.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Wow. That is all I can muster. Wow & Jealous.

MissJordyPants said...

Who's jealous? This girl. Fantastic!

The dress I wore to the wedding was Elie Tahari. I could move into that dress and live comfortably forever.

Juana said...

I think that 90% of the time Posh looks like a whore. This instance would be included in that 90%.

Jean Bean, you were working it, girlfriend!

Lynn Tran said...

Faboo, indeed. JB - you are a fashion goddess. And how is it that you look even younger (yet mature & womanly) than in college? You must reveal your fountain of youth. So loving that there are Annenberg alumni out there conquering the world.


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