Monday, June 2, 2008

Fashion Emergency!
A high school buddy of Mr. Diabolina's needs our help!

Mr. (almost) MBA is working on a market research project for school. A friend of his has had a side lingerie business that he wants to become his full time gig. Love fashion entreprenuers - hope to be one some day!

So Mr. (almost) MBA needs lovely opinionated fashion ladies like us to complete this suvery. Please send it out to your female friends or repost it.

The responses are completely anonymous and it will take you way less than 10 minutes. Warning: there are photos of lingerie for you to rate in case you're at work and in cubicle land like me ;)

p.s. Have been meaning to write more about undergarments. After all, fashion starts from the foundation up!

Got lots of emails regarding my magic U bra back in April. This was a good reminder to do more of that.

Maybe a post on Spanx? God knows I need one. Wah.

What lingerie help would you like??


Da Fashionista said...

seriously? no questions about undies and bras??? or too shy???


Juana said...

Here are a few questions:
1. What the F kind of undies are you supposed to wear when you're "working out"?
2. How do you know when undies truly fit right?
3. Is wearing a sports bra in public really appropriate?
4. Why can't granny pants be sexy?
5. Is it really acceptable to show bra straps?
6. Is it appropriate to go commando if you can see lines near the hips?

Da Fashionista said...


here are my thoughts:

1. Um, none.
2. Try a bunch on. I like Nordie's for undies. I am digging seamless boy cuts lately. hold everything in across the hips and no vpl.
3. me thinks no. but you ARE a sporty spice...
4. i think they can be. if they are seamless so no one really sees the granny outline. that would be disaster for a hot young chick.
5. ugh. remember how that was all the rage in college? i must admit I did it. Carrie on SATC is about the only person who can get away with it in my mind. Those see through straps are even worse tho. Invest in a good strapless. i wear mine almost every day.
6. um, yes.

Cee said...

Done w/ the questionaire. whew. not so bad.

I went out last night to purchase that bra. F. Went to 2 macys cuz they didn't have my size.

Juana said...

I like commando, but not Britney-style. I know I'm not a fashionista, but I know better than to show my fat sacks in public. Goodness! No sports bras in public for me. I was referring to OTHERS. The seamless boyshorts are my life, by the way. I still must buy that awesome bra you talked about long ago.


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