Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The Scene
Tonight was overwhelming. Deliciously and magically and completely overwhelming.

Tonight I returned to my beloved campus to meet the new man in Sable Crow's life AND listen to the staggering musical genius of Rufus Wainwright.

Ugh. It was TOO MUCH for one little emotionally raw fashionista! Sable Crow did it right - he took the day off in preparation. Said it felt like a holiday because so many of his favorite things were converging :)

It was such a layered night - another lovely trip down memory lane. The stage where Rufus performed was the same stage where Sable Crow and I fell in love with Peaches 12 years ago when he sang "Beginning to See the Light!" at our freshman convocation. In a tuxedo. It was the same auditorium where so many defining/triumphant/illuminating moments in my life have happened.

And there we were with this new person (Dr. McDreamiest!) who Sable Crow just started seeing. Someone who could be in our lives 12 years from now. Who could become part of our story and this place and those times. It felt like a weird circle was closing...

It's so moving to feel one of your dearest friends falling in love. Especially when it's set to the haunting strains of Sanssouci...

It was too much, TOO MUCH, I tell ya!

Tonight, witnessing a beautiful artist perform and hand me his gift, I was overcome with inspiration, with motivation. Remembered that in addition to the blogging, I have to keep up my serious writing. It's so cathartic for me. It's such an opportunity to create beauty in this world. It always reminds me that I have the soul of an artist, that I'm not built to be caged in a cubicle all day. I don't think most of are...

The Outfit
Jovavich-Hawk for Target polka dot dress

The Accessories
Manolo Blahnik nude slingbacks
Banks and Biddle gold bangle
Canal Street studs
Chanel black tote
Banana Republic necklace

The Grade

The Commentary

This is the lil' Go International number I bought Sunday. At $39.99, one of the pricier pieces but well worth it for me. AM LOVING EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!

Polkadots are a pretty strong pattern to pull off and they aren't for everyone. But I heart 'em from way back. Have quite a bit of polka dot in my closet. My faves: a breezy Dolce and Gabana wrap skirt (black with white polka dots) and a sweet Marc Jacobs halter dress (aquamarine with fuchsia polka dots.)

Today's silhouette could have been bad trapezy maternity wear but somehow it falls just right, shows one's shape and is flattering. Could have probably gone down a size to make it even more so. I keep doing that, miscalculating size with these voluminous looks.

(Random flashback: I remember being 12ish when Milla Jovavich graced the pages of Seventeen Magazine, my fashion bible back then. I was enraptured by her long curly hair and the fact that she was just a couple of years older than me and also from L.A.

I remember seeing her out at some carnival at UCLA and she was wearing all white and I just thought she must have the coolest life. And she really has - modeled, acted, and now designed. Uber surreal to buy a dress with her picture on it nearly 20 years later in the context of all that.)

Felt so ladylike-fabulous today. Very Great Gatsby. Very Daisy Buchanan, dahling!

Tried it on at Tar-jay with the Marc Jacobs sandals I was wearing Sunday and my mom pointed out "look how great the dress looks with a light colored shoe." So I decided to pair it with today's Manolos instead of the obvious black pumps.

Dr. McDreamiest said he liked my shoes.

Yum, I like him. Every tan inch of him.

Never could have imagined 12 years ago that a night like this would happen. That I would be tromping around campus in Manolos with Sable Crow when we were 30. All growns up and fabulous and on the verge.

Sometimes the reality truly is better than anything you could have ever dreamed.

p.s. YAY to that little fierce Christian for winning Victoria Beckham's heart and the whole Project Runway enchillada!


Jean Bean said...

you look SO cute! kisses!

Sable Crow said...

How could I not comment? I'm so proud to be here with you in this moment. I'm overwhelmed at its beauty and fragility. And then I remind myself that nothing real can be taken away.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

I hope Dr. McDreamiest is around 12 years from now, and 21 years from now.

Fashion is more than what we wear each day. It can be a part of the lives we live and can frame the story. It sets the scene, and gives us context as we reach toward our higher selves. It takes discipline, and training, and commitment. What's the difference between an afternoon bike-ride and a cycling competition? It's analagous to every-day wear, and that little extra effort that makes something real.

amber said...

cute dress. definitely works with nude shoes. adorable!

seeing friends fall in love is the best.

blah! i was doing so good not knowing the ending of PR (i'm a week behind) :( :( can we at least get a spoiler alert next time? :(

Lynn Tran said...

Love the outfit. So keen of Momma to point out that nude shoes work well with the dress; I would never have thought of that.

weezermonkey said...

[fanning self]

Woo! Dr. McDreamiest is a perfect moniker.

[fanning self some more]

And how great was the finale?! Still a Rami fan here, but I thought all three collections were FIERCE! So cute re Posh eating up li'l Christian!

Pandesaldreamer said...

That is such a cute dress on you! I saw online and thought it was so adorable, but thought about the huge polka dots and didn't think it was for me. I would probably come off as a clown. :P

Da Fashionista said...

kiss you beans.

there are no words to express how much i care for you, sable crow. you are like a brother.

SORRY, amber! Ugh. I'm new to all this. will do in future!

lynn, why don't you just marry my mom already. YOU LOVE HER!!! hearts for that!

i really thought rami should have won, monkey. i wasn't so offended by the colors. am i blind?

kiss u. they really aren't for everyone. and when i am not feeling svelte i definitely feel clowny in them. fie sprinkles cupcakes!

R said...

SO happy I just finished watching the TiVo before reading this! It was a fab ending.

P.S. I heart Mill J.


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