Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mom Jewelry: From Diamonds to Chewbeads to Flash Tattoos?

She may only be two months old but I can already tell Mini Diabolina is going to be an accessories kind of girl. Proof: She already hearts my Chewbeads.

(There is no joy like the nerd mom joy I feel when my babydoll enjoys some toy/blanket/you name it that I researched and researched when I was pregnant and only dreamt of her.)

I think I first heard about Chewbeads at one of the countless baby showers I went to in my 30s. When it was finally my turn, I knew I wanted me some. As my belly grew, I quickly came to terms with the fact that my jewelry collection shouldn't. I knew I wasn't going to be able to wear much dainty or statement jewelry for a couple a years since duh babies love to yank anything remotely interesting off your neck and ears.

I have a ton of cheapie jewelry so no big loss.  But then Mr D gave me the loveliest little cross for my first Mother's Day.

Goes perfectly with the star earrings he got me in Europe for my last birthday. Wore the two to death during my pregnancy.

But the last time I wore the necklace was the day I gave birth. Boo. This was a selfie during a contraction, btw. I got an epidural but, lucky ducky me, it only worked on one side. Oh and my baby weighed 8 lbs 12 oz. Yeah....

Back to Chewbeads.  Ever the over eager fashion beaver, I got three necklaces. Picked purty colors that would be flattering and work with my existing wardrobe. I put them in the baby's closet before her arrival and figured I'd take them out around the holidays when she started teething.

But last week my mom suggested I bust them out. She said she thought they would catch the baby's eye as she's grasping things and already starting to try to put things in her mouth (joy!) And sure enough they are one of her fave toys.

Truth be told, I wish they were just a tad softener and longer. They are a bit stiff against her when I'm holding her.

And they hit me at an awkward boob level that cuts me off instead of elongating my short and now flabby torso.  But the baby loves 'em and they add some interest to my oh so dull outfits lately.

Lest you think I've completely lost all my mojo by blogging about rubber necklaces,  I'll have you know I also bought Flash Tattoos last month. I know, I know I'm not Bey or a festival going hot young chick. I'm an old narc who is now a mommy.

But I figured they don't get between me and the baby and I could still FEEL blingy and glam. They could be the perfect way to dress up a simple old outfit with a little something new.  Ideal for a night out even though I am pretty much down for the count by 9 pm lately. Sigh.

Hoping there's a sassy occasion to bust them out soon. Maybe Halloween like Popsugar suggests...


Anonymous said...

So glad you are back!

Unknown said...

Oooh tats are a great idea. I haven't been wearing any jewelry except my wedding band. I can't wear my solitaire because I can't slide my hand under the baby with it. And I totes agree about the dimensions of the chew beads. They could be a lot more stylish if they tried a little. I have the same aqua ones.


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