Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Divorcee Sale: What I Bought

The morning before the Trevor Project Garden Party, I had a breakfast of champions with my favorites on the planet.

fashion blog 002

At the Sunset Tower Hotel, overlooking the pool and LA, my favorite place on the planet.

fashion blog 001

Afterward, we sent Mr. Diabolina on his merry way while my mom and I trekked a block down Sunset Blvd. To the Mondrian Hotel. For a tres hel-LA event.

fashion blog 003

There, in a gorgeous suite, we pawed through well-edited resale goodies at the Divorcee Sale, a bi-annual shopping event where divorcĂ©es sell their unwanted but mostly pristine clothing, shoes and handbags. It's not only a win for the divorcees and for resale hunters like me but it benefits a great lady-power cause: a quarter of the proceeds go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


I love the event's tag line: "Her Past. Your Future." Genius. The PYT next to me is the event's mastermind. Lovely lovely lovely businesswoman and a former Tory Burch employee.

fashion blog 032

Hence the incredible Tory pieces that most people have never seen before. Like this exquisite fur that was made for only one season. I didn't need it but boy did I want it.

fashion blog 009

Same story with this Vuitton yummy.

fashion blog 010

Fell for these Tory Burch cherries

This DVF maxi that I've wanted forever

fashion blog 012

This Tracy Reese with me written all over it.


And this Karta dress that I JUST found resale and bought a few months ago---jinx. Remember blogging about it way back in 2008.

fashion blog 013

Also on my brain forever: these Balenciagas. Blogged them back in January of 2010. They are space age vaginas on your feet. ADORE! My favorite find at the sale. Alas, a size too big.

So instead I got this Marc by MJ  meets Little House on the Prarie top


This amazeballs, perfect for summer Tory Burch bag


And the cherries. I had to.


My mom also scored some Tory.

divorcee sale tory burch

She wears it oh so well.



fashioneggpplant said...

love the tory bag you bought!!! :)

ps. im having a satchel clutch giveaway, you might wanna join :)

adeleno5 said...

That cherry dress is making me nostalgic for a cherry print slip dress I wore to Lolapalooza way back in 1992. Of course, it was from Express not Tory, and I styled it with Doc Martens and a white baby tee underneath, but let's forget that part.

I can't wait to see how you wear your new cherry prettiness : )

Anonymous said...

eeeeekkkkkk i have that tory cherry print in the linen cardigan and the short sleeve silk blouse from last year's tory sample sale- love love love. except my girl cat (who loves fashion, of course) decided to pet the silk blouse and there's several loose threads on one side, tres sad. i love alll your picks!

lookrichbitch said...

jealous! love the cherries.. and love that louis!


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