Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Scene
Last day of the SEO training. If you're feeling nerdy, take a gander at my instructor's site. He's a legend in the field. Tons of free information and tools to understand your competitive key words and current rankings :)

Um, so today was my third bootcamp. I feel like it's getting HARDER. How is that possible??? The instructor was all over me today. Not in a good way. Maybe it was my purple face within the first 15 minutes. Ugh. Clearly I was the least fit in a room full of TRAINERS. Here's the horrific breakdown:

number of times the instructor asks me "Are you alright?": 2
number of times he whispers at me, "Go at your own pace":1
number of times he TOUCHS MY STOMACH and says "Keep this tight": 1
number of times he gives me a thumbs up
as if I am mentally challenged: 1
number of times he says to the class "This is the easy part" and
then proceeds to say "Good job" directly to me:1
number of times I want to give him a "high knee" to the groin: 4
number of times my stripe-y socks make me laugh through the pain: 3
number of times I feel proud of myself during the grueling hour: 7

The Outfit
Forever 21 black/white tunic
Vintage black wool coat

The Accessories
Purple tights
H&M mustard scarf
Marc Jacobs round toes
Marc Jacobs black Sofia bag
Marc Jacobs buckle cuff
Faux Chanel white earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

I have been so busy with the conference that I haven't kept full tabs on Fashion Week. Took a quick look last night at a few collections on New York Mag (thanks, FancyPants!) Was disappointed overall with Marc, BCBG, Phillip Lim, Narcisco Rodriguez and DVF. Nothing super inspiring.

Did love the Proenza Schouler color combos. These photos actually inspired today's palette. STILL can't find the burgundy tights so busted out these purply ones to approximate. Am pleased that colored tights will still be around next fall. Am really all about them now. A true convert.

Heart this Forever dress. Like most stuff from there, the size is weird. It's way roomy but the length is a bit crotchy for me. Felt very daring wearing it without leggings today. Looks really mod ala Twiggy, no? Thinking it was inspired by Karta because of the embellishment at the neckline and the retro feel.

I could get into Karta.


I think most people don't get it or know about it yet so it goes on sale a lot on shopbop and Neiman's. And the discounts are deep. I may just snatch one up soon.

Love matching my Marc cuff with the bag. So delish. Btw, when did i get crazy weightlifter veins on my hands!?! WTF, i hit 30 and fell apart ;)

photos from New York Magazine and Neiman Marcus


Artsy Fartsy said...

I think you should give this outfit at least an A minus. I love the interplay between the mustard, purple, black and you were right on the mark with Fashion Week's offerings. I found your blog after you commented on mine, and I have to say that I love your wardrobe and style. You dress how I wish I had time to dress! Being a lawyer doesn't allow me as much time as I used to have to devote to shopping and getting ready. Keep up the good work and the great writing!

Unknown said...

question: I found a very cute and feminine dark blue suit with a light pinstipe last night at ROSS. Not the best suit in the world, but hey, a $300 suit for $60 is fine in my book. Anyway, my question is: what color shoes does one wear with a dark blue suit?

Cee said...

In the words of Nannersp: You should kick him in the penis!

I was at Forever last night and found the top. Thanks for giving me hope! I thought about buying colored tights but wasn't sure how to pull it off. I love how it's similar to proenza.

Jean Bean said...

In NYC colored tights are a given. You can't show bare legs in winter without looking like a total hussy. Plus, who wants to see my pale, ashy, unshaven legs? No one. Just this week I got 2 new pairs, royal blue Hues and a tangerine pair from Am. Apparel. AA had mustard ones, if you're hunting.

Da Fashionista said...

yay, artsy fartsy. Thanks for the kind words. mr. diabolina is a lawyer so I know how much time you put in. very glad you are still focusing on your creativity with the blogging and the aprons. kiss!

great price for a suit. i love me a light pinstripe. as for pairing it with what color. black is a given but boring and nunish. so i would suggest a rich brown or light beige shoe. With such a masculine color, i always try to keep the shoe uber feminine.

lilcee, just get the tights, pleeeeeease! It's just 6 dollars. Keep it simple at first. maybe just a grey pair. pair them with basic black outfits. i think you will loves!

thanks beans! i think i will get some mustard ones too. adoring you!

Unknown said...

thanks for the advice! i will get decked out once i find the right shoes and have granny take a pic of me for you to review.


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