Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trevor Project Garden Party: H&M White Dress

Two years ago, the Trevor Project Garden Party was at the Versailles-inspired Fleur de Lys house. This year, the annual summer fundraiser was at the palm tree-lined, Morrocon-meets-Mexico house of Roland Emmerich, director of blockbusters like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012.

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Um, the pool house alone cost $2 million.
  Mental note: get into the doomsday movie business.
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As with any Trevor Project event, it was heart-wrenching to stand next to some of my dearest friends and hear stories about gay teen suicide.  But it is always heart-warming to hear about all the incredible work the organization is doing to change society, like opening it's third suicide prevention call center in the old offices of Harvey Milk in The Castro.

trevor project harvey milk call center castro

Sable Crow is on Trevor's board. He's the reason I got involved. He is the bomb.com.

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SC has not only pulled dozens of his friends like me into the organization as donors and volunteers
but he even got his PYT boyfriend to sponsor the event.

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His bf's company is called NibNobs Sweet Company.
Remember, you heard about it here first, bitches.

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Move over, Sprinkles, Nibnobs are like these heavenly bite-size cakes. Perfect for parties. Unlike cupcakes or actual cakes, they aren't messy or hard to eat when you are a fancy event full of hotties, richies and skinnies.  You just pop them in your mouth, they are all gone and you go on pretending you're not a pig ;)

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This pig had more than a few at Sable Crow's housewarming recently.

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With quite a bit of wine ;)

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Delicious new house and a boy that bakes???

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Delicious life we all have.

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Dan Savage is right: it does get better. 

The Outfit
H&M dress
Vintage trench

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Valentino heels
H&M belt
Marc Jacobs sunnies

The Grade
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The Commentary
I did the unthinkable at the Trevor party:  I wore the same white fluttery dress that I wore to Sable Crow's house warming. Yes, I repeated outfits...around the same group of friends...I know, I'm trash.

fashion blog 067

I just adore this white confection and want to wear it every day. Plus, in my defense, I styled it fairly differently each time. Dressed it down with a green army jacket for the housewarming.

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And then dressed it up with bare arms, a black bow belt and studded Valentinos for the garden party.
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The shoes were a HUGE hit with the boys. But mostly I think they stood out at the event because the ladies who like ladies aren't known for their footwear. Sigh. I want to start a shoe styling business for lesbians.

fashion blog 018

But frankly they probably have it right.  The heels are always a nerveracking call at the Trevor garden party. There's inevitably a huge pool at the event. And I spend most of the party worried I'm going to stumble and be THAT asshole who falls into the pool and is asked to leave looking like a drowned rat.

fashion blog 016

Ugh to clumsy straights.
Will it ever get better for us?

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La Belle Fabuleux said...

Love that white dress on you so cute! Those desserts look yummy =) I'm a pig too no worries I would be stuffing my face as well lol

I went to the McQueen exhibit today it was amazing!!! You will love it! =) No photos allowed though =/ go early! I did a post on it hope you can check it out.



adeleno5 said...

Both the nibnobs and the white dress look delicious!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

O M G that home!


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