Monday, February 7, 2011

My Valentine to Jean Bean's New Blog

She was the first honest-to-goodness fashionista I ever befriended. We lived on the same floor our freshman year of college. We've now been friends for nearly 15 years. We old nerdz.


She interned at InStyle when were seniors and would come home with stacks and stacks of magazines, much to my delight because I was and am a magazine addict.

Picnik collage

She was building her designer shoe wardrobe while I was still shopping BOGO sales at Payless.

Picnik collage

She was also the inspiration for this blog. When I was feeling professionally lost three years ago, she encouraged me to start writing again. She and a few other friends suggested I write about something I love. She promised she'd be a loyal reader.




And she has been. She has been the blog's biggest cheerleader as it's evolved. And mine as I've evolved along with it. I love her face. I love how we haven't lived in the same city for a decade but are closer than ever. Gracias, technology.




And now, as life would have it, I have the opportunity to return the favor. You see, Jean Bean has been a respected fashion editor for the last decade.

IMG_0448 (2)

Last year, her bad self left Conde Nast and made the huge career transition into communications/social media. For Neiman Marcus in Dallas. AAAAAAAAAAmaze.

outfit-1 (2)


She has been tweeting for Neiman Marcus for months and this week she launched their new blog, NM Daily. Book mark it. Now.

New Picture (98)

I am giddy at the thought of being able to watch her editorial vision unfold, at having a front row seat to this new chapter of her professional life. After all, I heart her big brain most of all.



pics 123

And I CANNOT wait to visit her and her Texas Cowboy again in the Lone Star state. Mostly to horrify Mr. Diabolina with how much Salt Lick I can eat. Oink, oink.



Unknown said...

I speechless. Thank you so much! I lurve you!

Anonymous said...

Love Neiman Marcus!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! You have great taste in friends, she seems like such an incredible lady!

Tee said...

aaaawww i love your relationship. So sweet. neiman marcus downtown is a block up from me. I am excited for her and kinda cool to know who is behind the tweets. I wonder if she will be at the Pink Memo event next week?

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. I will follow her tweets and read the blog. I love your blog, and love reading about your friendship with Jean Bean :)

lookrichbitch said...

Please tell me when you're going!! I'll be in Dallas til the end of August and.. and.. and... *shy* can I maybe meet Jean Bean too? I'll even sit 2 tables away so as not to embarrass you two.


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