Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me? Featured in CA Apparel News, WWD and Racked LA?!?!

Jean Bean called me a Fame Monster today. And I had to laugh.  It did seem like I got my 15 minutes this week.  Just call me Lady DiDi ;)


Exhibit A: My golden eye and I were included in a California Apparel News article citing Who's Who of L.A. Fashion Bloggers. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?

brian lichtenberg forever 21 party los angeles bloggers

Amazingly flattering.  Especially since I feel like a chubs, play-it-safe granny compared to most of the lithe, adventurous PYTs out there.  They inspire me to keep evolving my style, my talents and my voice. Heart.


Exhbit B: A few months ago Women's Wear Daily tapped me to be part of their "WWD Blogger Board." I know: kinda amazeballs, right?!!!


I was one of five lovely bloggers featured in an insert to this week's WWD issue.  It centered around Magic, an annual industry tradeshow in Vegas.

WWD_Magic Trend Guide

Each blogger got an advertiser's spring 2011 collection and compiled a trend  page. I focused on timeless body-con LBDs.  Very Alexander Wang, no?

WWD_Magic Trend Guide Da Fashionista

I had no idea what other bloggers were participating until this week.  Was over the moon to find out that two of the bloggers I've been following the longest,  Omowrites and That's Chic, were also tapped. Love keeping good company.


Exhibit C:  At last week's Forever 21 party, my fave snarky blog Racked LA asked to snap my pic for their Street Scenes feature. I obliged, never thinking they'd actually use the shots since there were so many other stylehounds at the event.  But today, my picture is up - ass face and all. Sigh.  

securedownloadAt least I looove my outfit.  If you do too, go over and vote. I'm getting lots of "Who did this to you" votes. Boo and HAHAHAH!

Reminds me of a quote I saw and looved last night on the Twitters: "When you start dressing to feel exciting, instead of dressing to fit in or fit others, people notice.  And the ones who ridicule, wear it a year later." Stamp.

The last two and a half years of blogging have taught me many things but the most important: you will never please everyone. Not with an outfit, your appearance, your job, your political views, your spiritual beliefs, your personal goals, your life decisions.

Like most nerdy good girls,  I used to exhaust myself trying to be all things to all people.  But ever since I hit 30 and started blogging I realized "This is me. I like me. And you don't have to like me." 

That one lesson is more meaningful than all the little accolades.

Big kisses as always for reading.  And when you get dressed tomorrow remember to please choose something that excites you.  Otherwise what's the point ;)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on everything :)

DrBabyMamaDrama said...

LOVE this! Congrats on all the kudos. You deserve it.

E Hayes said...

You are having quite the week! Congrats... and you look fab in every shot :)

Jean Bean said...

I like to hoard Diabolina, but if I must learn to share with the whole world, so be it.

fancypants said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Good for you, D. I'm glad that you are doing what you love and getting some much deserved accolades for it. Hope to see you someday soon!

adeleno5 said...

Wow, congratulations! Well-deserved.

InnyVinny said...


Lotus said...

Congrats! This is amazing...and I love what you said - it's important to dress with what excites you- forget about what people might say! loves it:)

Lenya said...

How absolutely fantastic!!!!! You are world famous now. Heart you from Oz

SLVR FX said...

Yay for fame whores!

PS- Trends for 2011?? Can we just make it through this ish first?


mindy said...

OMG!! This is so exciting!! We are so proud of you!!! xoxo


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