Monday, August 16, 2010

Partying with Forever 21, Brian Lichtenberg & L.A. bloggers

LA-based designer Brian Lichtenberg designs have been described as "what Apollonia might wear for a guest role on Dynasty." For those of you too young to get the 80s references: that means he's all about glitz, glam and, um, geometry.


He designed the caution tape look for Lady Gaga's “Telephone” video and now he’s bringing his avant-garde aesthetic to Forever 21 with the first ever designer/F21 collaboration.


brian lichtenberg forever 21 window

Last Thursday LA-based Forever 21 threw a red carpet launch party.  The designer himself attended and even judged a DIY customized tee contest.

brian lichtenberg forever 21 party

brian lichtenberg forever 21 party 2

brian lichtenberg forever 21 party DIY tshirt station

brian lichtenberg forever 21 party DIY tshirt

I snagged an invite thanks to my lover-ly Fashion Intel who was consulting with Forever 21 for the launch. SO AMAZING.  So incredibly proud of her!

brian lichtenberg forever 21 party fashion intel asael

Great excuse to meet up with some of L.A.'s hottest bloggers who I crush on


Like Love Angeles 

brian lichtenberg forever 21 party fashion intel love angeles

Inny Vinny and The Mop Top Maven

2 brian lichtenberg forever 21 alicia inny vinny


brian lichtenberg forever 21 party bloggers


all 017

and the Racked LA ladies

all 016

But bestie of the night award goes to my fellow thirtysomething Fashion Intel's sweetheart, Asael.  We giggled all night, gabbing like old yentas about our advanced age, skinny jeans, trick questions, the power of blogging and what we would do if Fashion Toast walked into the party (number two in our pants is involved.)  I also may have grilled him about his intentions with my dear Fashion Intel.  And he may have consulted with me on a name for HIS upcoming fashion blog.  AAAAdore!

all 030

Dressing for the par-tay was a challenge - not gonna lie.  First of all, I was up the entire previous night with a sick Mr. Diabolina, poor baby.  So I did NOT  feel my cutest.
PLUS, I knew the event would be teeming with pretty YOUNG things.  They would be the kind of fashionable that is more about experimenting and personal style than labels and trends.  A tough prospect when you are feeling anything but fabulous and fit. F!

brian lichtenberg forever 21 party august 2010


all 012

all 010


Finally, the party was happening on the roof of the Bev Cen.  Which was the site of last fall's Sartorialist book signing. Where I had to stand in line. In a food court. Under flourscent lighting. 

So even though I wanted to wear over-the-top Gaga sequins, I decided to wear a pretty, simple Hera dress with Dolce and Gabbana leopard heels.

Also resolved to take myself MUCH less seriously than I did when I was 21 ;)

all 035

Bought the dress resale last month for less than $80 at The Address Boutique in Santa Monica. Love the peek-a-boo black with the flesh tone.  And the fact that tulle creates a lace-y look. Sweetly sexy. Will work well into fall with a blazer, boots and tights.

brian lichtenberg forever 21 party los angeles bloggers

It ended up being very Teen Choice Awards. Which was appropriate.  Since I felt like the average (taut) age of the attendees at the F21 was late teens.

Actress Kristen Bell arrives at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards at Gibson Amphitheatre on August 8, 2010 in Universal City, California.


Actress Leighton Meester poses in press room during the 2010 Tee


I can guarantee none of the partygoers had worn the same outfit to celebrate her 33rd birthday a few weeks earlier. At Tavern for a mommy brunch in the morning.

all 130

all 128

And an AMAH-zing family dinner of lobster and peaches at Little Door in the evening.

all 138

all 143

Which actually made me excited for all the pretty twentysomething F21 kitties.  So much for them to still learn and live and love.

2 brian lichtenberg forever 21 fashion intel

So many more gift bags and rooftop parties and magical nights ahead!

all 037

More party coverage on The Skinny, Style Section LA, Mondette and Racked LA!


Kimmy Davis said...

Um, amaaaaaazing post and sooooo wish I was there!!!
Love it all and who knew you were 33...what???

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Wow, I love the way you tell stories! I'll have to say that the Asael coverage made my heart feel all warm, I'm so happy that you 2 are besties. You've got some great photos here, but I'm really digging you in the food court, how hilarious is that lighting? THANK YOU sooooooo much for coming out and showing the love. xoxo

Rachee said...

You look gorg! I'm dying a little on the inside that you got that dress at resale and so I can't run out an snag it.


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