Monday, July 13, 2009

The Scene
Monday. Sigh.

Have been pretty singularly focused on getting better. STILL not feeling normal. STILL popping more pills than Michael (too soon?) Plan to see the doctor again in early August and figure out next steps.

It's been tough but I think every challenge we face is a lesson. The last month has taught me nothing is worth compromising my health. So just trying to be positive at work, not stress too much, let go.

Am keeping in mind that this too shall pass. All things come to an end. Everything plays out as it's supposed to which means I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Keeping perspective is tough but it helps to have dinners with Mr. D like we did tonight. Discussed so much REAL life stuff. So many feelings and circumstances and relationships that actually matter. They all make the little things seem, well, exactly like what they are: little things.

The Outfit
Fashion District dress

The Accessories
Chanel bag
J Crew belt
Steve Madden shoes
Forever 21 ring

The Grade

The Commentary
Have owned this dress forever and a day. Bought it for $25. Don't wear it often because it is sooo short. But it deliciously combines some of my favorite things: black and white and stripes and polka dots.

Nothing like a striped dress for summer

Except maybe one paired with a blazer

Some delicious but pricey options on Shopbop right now

Currently looking for just the right striped top. A skirt would be fab too if I suddenly became hipless. It could happen :)

Thrilled at all the polka dots on the Resort 2010 runway - particularly at DVF and Phillip Lim

It's a print that works equally well on a blogger and the First Lady

On an itsy bitsy bikini at the beach

And a summer dress in the concrete jungle

Mooning over this Thakoon print

And this Mara Hoffman one

Love when a designer shows a print in every conceivable style of garment

Though the prints and shoulder detailing of this dress were probably enough, I decided to add my hot pink belt today.

LOVE how it matched my toes and played off the yellow ring!

The shoes were inspired by all the strappy fugly chic shoes I saw last night. Can't believe I've gotten so much use of these cheapie wedge gladiators. Can't believe I almost didn't buy them.

And since every post lately is ending with Louboutins, meet the booties that are the shoe version of my dress. LOVE!

Almost as much as the look on Mr. D's face when he saw this pink poodle today. Talk about a trendy accessory...


Lotus said...

Love your dress- you look great in it and only for $25- that is bananas! :)

Tracee said...

i love that belt!! it looks perfect with that dress.

Tiffany said...

love this dress! you should wear it more often, you are a hot mama in it. :)

you and I are always on the same page. tomorrow's lookbook I feature MY hot pink belt!

amber said...

LOVE that zip of pink with the black and white. Hot!

Milly said...

cute dress, love it with the pink belt


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