Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina and I made it an HBO night tonight. Caught the first episode of Entourage. Meh. Spent most of the half hour marveling at the fact that Ari's character is based on the brother of Obama's Chief of Staff.

And we decided that although the actress who plays Sloane is HOT, her acting is so affected and "L.A." that she makes the character completely bug.

Kinda a similar story with the star of the new show, Hung. Although the concept of a suburban dad/teacher turned male prostitute definitely has potential.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Yves Saint Laurent bolero

The Accessories
Anthropologie necklace
Fashion District ring
Chanel bag
H&M flats
The Grade

The Outfit

Another black and white and short dress today

Something vaguely Phillip Lim about the print and the palette.

Added my Anthropologie necklace

Reminds me of this recent stunner.

Found a similar look at Forever.

And a new Marni look-alike

Opted for flats today since I felt self conscious yesterday at work workin the short hemline with wedges.

Loving ballet slippers in poppy colors

But even neutrals get a kick with cool detailing

Mostly picked the shoes today to match my purple ring. Would love to get these rings on Shopbop. And some shoes to match ;)


HaveShoesWillTravel said...

I am absolutely in love with that Forever 21 necklace. I think I'm going to sneak out at lunch tomorrow and see if they have it at the one by my office.

amber said...

I finally got new jeans that I can wear with flats. I can't wait to dig them all back out this fall!


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