Friday, July 3, 2009

The Scene
Can't believe it's been nearly a year since the last time we took a romantic spin on the boat with Danny B and Daisy Duke's

And OVER a year since Mr. Diabolina donned this hot mess of a hat. Today we remedied both situations.

Everyone with a boat and a hat in L.A apparently had the same idea.

Have never seen so many boats dotting the horizon. Looked like a regatta.

There were all kinds of boats. Sail boats and small boats and big yachts with their very own helipads!!!

But none sweeter than our "Buck Nasty" IMHO :)

Uber relaxing morning

Laughing and lunching and chasing and finally finding the sun.

Always such a treat to spend time catching up with my lovely Daisy Duke's. She has such a healing, comforting way about her. She has and is a gift.

Invariably feel lighter and calmer after spending time with her. LOOOOOVE.

In the afternoon we stayed close to the beach for a very special birthday.

Our favorite Rocket Man turned one year smarter today.

Every summer, Rocket Man participates in a BARcycle which is essentially a bar crawl on bikes by the beach. There are usually costumes involved. The first one we attended everyone was dressed like Bon Jovi. We're talking 60 people. On bikes. Barhopping. Quite a sight.

This year was a bit more subdued. But there were special custom trucker hats.

Too much fun catching up with some of our fave twentysomethings

They help keep us old timers young.

But not young enough to keep the party train going without food. Mr. Diabolina and I had to bail around dinner time. Ducked into Ragin Cajun Cafe.

Perfect choice since it matched the ragin' farmer's tan Mr. Diabolina got today. F.

The Outfit
Target bikini
Forever 21 tunic
H&M shorts

The Accessories
Me&Ro necklace and earrings
Marc Jacobs bag
Laundry shoes

The Grade

The Commentary

Wanted to rock a romper today.

But got overwhelmed with options on how to wear one. Brain is still clearly in Hawaii.

So instead I decided to keep things summer simple

Shorts with a blousy tunic

A blousy tunic that Lauragami thought was DVF.

But is actually Forever 21.

Got it in Hawaii. Just $20.

Love how it drapes just so.

And how the print is very Alexander McQueen Resort 2010.

Paired with the shorts the look managed to get more chester the molester comments than I've gotten in years!!!!

Think it's because the ole stems are tanner than they've been in years.

Although there were plenty o' tanner, more toned legs out today

Aw to be in my twenties again ;)

Maybe the shoe choice had something to do with the attention too.

Since most people were getting around by bike there weren't too many chicas sporting a heel. And nothing chesters like more than a heel with barely there shorts. Ugh. Boys.

Best accessory of the day: the badass birthday barcycle hats.

Especially adorable on the soon to be Mrs. Rocket Man.

My personal favorite accessory of the day: my flowery bling. Matched the tropical tunic deliciously. Plus it will forever remind me of our delicious tropical vaction. Already but a memory...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a relaxing fun day after a fabu vacation. Welcome back! The legs def look hot.

StartingOver@28 said...

Sounds like a fabulous day...and like you are getting your voice back. Are you feeling better?

Juana said...

You must have brought some lava back with you, girl, cuz you look HOT!

Rosemary Brennan said...

A++! That tunic is fantastic. Love it even more because it's from Forever 21!

ShoeZQ said...

Hot mama! Love this look!

amber said...

Cute tunic. I like.


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