Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Scene
Today was about fun in the sun in celebration of our pretty MChu's birthday. I heart her. Have known her for just 3 years but it seems much longer.

I worked with her boyfriend Rocket Man once upon a time. But our friendship goes far beyond that tie now. It is deliciously multifaceted.

It all started at one company holiday party when she liked my sparkly dress and I liked her pretty coat. And her sweet face and open heart weren't bad either.

Then I found out we both love Marc - instant bond. And then when we BOTH got Speedys, she made me a little board to stick in it so it wouldn't lose it's shape. Um, who does that? So sweet. Think that's when she stole my heart officially.

Our love grew over the next few football seasons. Rocket Man went to SC which makes MChu an honorary member of the Trojan Family. We've been lucky enough to enjoy back to back to back amazing seasons.

At tailgates, she taught me to shot gun beers.

And I taught her the wonders of forties.

Her boyfriend and I both LOVE Panda Express. We all buy each other funny panda things for holidays. We're even in talks for the ultimate double date: dine at Panda Express followed by a showing of Kung Fu Panda.

And last but not least she and her Rocket Man remind me of me and Mr. Diabolina at their age. So young, so in love, so much potential. Feel like we've taken them under our wing a little bit. Think we wish we had had a slightly older couple to show us the light at the end of the twentysomething tunnel.

So back to today. Rocket Man planned a SURPRISE trifecta of hilarity. All of which went off without a hitch. Very impressive. First we started on the beach with a little volleyball, MChu's sport of choice.

It was so hot out that Mr. Diabolina wore this hat.

And Rocket Man wore baby socks in the sand. Pretty mortifying the both of them.

Then the party moved to a Hermosa bar. MChu got there on her brand new beach cruiser which Rocket Man gave her as a gift. (See her MJ bag? I helped Rocket Man select it for her a few Christmases ago.)

Um, K to the B showed up in a slightly different mode of transportation. Meet his new white Trans Am. Her name is unfuckingbelievable.

He's been dying for us to see it in person. He keeps sending me and the mister pics of it around town at sundry posh spots like Barney's. They invariably park it out front, next to all the Porches and Bentleys.

K to the B mandates that anyone who rides in unfuckingbelievable has to dress the part. You know, look PWT-esque. He even carries fake tattoos in the car for anyone who is not properly attired!!! HE IS TOO MUCH.

Can you believe this guy in short shorts and facial hair looked this adorable back in late January and this Prada pimp in early January? Gotta love the commitment. Gotta love a rocket scientist/rock star.

Finish the afternoon with a little Deer Hunter. Please note my AWFUL gun positioning and the flower in my hair. I was not made for killing. It's only the second time I've seen this game let alone played. The first was in Austin with our beloved Texas Cowboy.

End the night with a delish Italian feast and a little bubbly for the sun kissed birthday girl.

Big kudos to Rocket Man. He really pulled off an amazing day for his pretty panda!

The Outfit
Color block dress

The Accessories
American Eagle flip flops
Marc Jacobs Irina bag
Forever 21 purple leaf bangle
H&M gold bangles
Louis Vuitton earrings
Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators

The Grade

The Commentary
Needed something that would take me from the beach to drinks and finally to dinner. Settled on this color block jersey dress from Image. YES ANOTHER ONE!!!

Great combo of colors, no? Perfect match with the MJ purse too. Makes me giddy to pair a $1000+ bag with a $31 dress and $14 flip flops. That's how I roll.

My only issue with this cheapy dress is that the built in boob pads make the real girls look a bit odd. Ugh. Boo. Hiss. It's always something with me lately ;)

Wore green on my peepers to pick up the color of the dress. Love that trick on a brown eyed girl.

It's all I've got since I don't have pretty baby blues like my baby. Just look at how the Los Doyers shirt brings them out. ADORE.

p.s. None of the beach kids got why his shirt is hilarious. F.


weezermonkey said...

OMG. That hat!

WendyB said...

Nice dress.

Unknown said...

Hey! I know that bar!!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Oh, how I covet living near a beach! When the Knight and I get out on the weekend, we got the dog park to get our nature fix. :( I think I must be a SoCal girl at heart!

Juana said...

K-Bro needs to be on TV or on the big screen

tam pham said...

you never cease to amaze with your amazing jersey dresses. the colors looks so good with your tan.

texas cowboy said...

I have GOT to party with K to the B...Magnum P.I. style. Awesome wheels!!!

texas cowboy said...

oh, and by the way, I am totally looking forward to beach volleyball with you people. I miss it, and want it to be part of my L.A. experience when I come to visit with Jean


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