Friday, July 11, 2008

The Scene
About five years ago, Mr. Diabolina and his high school buddy Danny B went in on a boat with a few other boys. In the summer, they take it out Mako shark fishing or for joy rides out to Catalina.

But today, the boating excursion was more romantical in nature. They planned a sunset cruise for their ladies complete with champagne, strawberries, cheese and heart-shaped crackers. SWOON!! Best. boy. besties. ever!

It was Daisy Duke's first time on the boat. Quite the fancy introduction!

It was only my second time on the boat. For all these years, I've liked the fact that Mr. D had something that was just his. His space, his hobby, his thing.

I don't think enough women think like that but I know men appreciate it. Makes the time you have together even better.

Plus it's a fishing boat and I naively thought that meant I had to fish to go on it. No gracias, no soy pescadora. AND it has no bathroom. Not a place for ladies like moi, I thought. PLUS, they always cast off EARLY on Saturday mornings when I'd rather sleep in. So case closed - no Diabolina for five years

But Mr. Diabolina finally cajoled me onto the boat last summer and I loved it. Loved seeing someone I know so well in a completely different light.

So the sunset cruise had me giddy all day. We made our way up to the Santa Monica Pier and ended up docking there. We'd heard there was some Red Bull hoopla going on - guy breaking a world record by jumping as high as the ferris wheel. So we tried to peep some of that action. Instead got an amazing vantage point for this stunt plane putting on a big show for the assembled crowds.

Have such a lovely time whenever we see DB and DD. Few couples are so chill and low maintenance but fun and engaging! I feel like I can breathe around them. That's a big deal. Heart them.

Had a bit of a glitch as we pulled the boat into the dock. Think Mr. Diabolina was trying to show off for the hot chicks. He is such a monkey. MY monkey.

p.s. His lawyering saved a client tens of millions today. Got kudos from partners around the country. YAY MY LAWYER MONKEY!!!

The Outfit
Madewell jeans and tank
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accessories
Forever 21 bangles and sunglasses
Marc by Marc Jacobs tote
Stuart Weitzman sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around the new jeans today. Bootcut in a medium wash called "Broken In." Was shocked when I slipped them on on Wednesday. Better than average fit for me. And I have a tough body for jeans. Primarily because the majority of my jiggle is in my tummy and yet I have no bootie. Winning combo!

So low cut jeans often create too much of a muffin top. While other jeans that fit in the waist, sag in the tush. Jean shopping for me is what bikini shopping is for most women. A horror scene that leaves one despondent and hungry for precisely the comfort foods that created the nightmare in the first place.

Think this has lead me to shop designer jeans strictly resale at places like Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange. When I see a pair at a resale store in my size , know two things: 1) it's likely going to be broken in and 2) it's going to cost me a fourth of what it would cost at a department store. Very appealing. Win-win.

My luxe jean wardrobe currently consists of the following: 2 Blue Cults, 1 Hudson, 1 Citizens of Humanity, 2 Seven For All Mankinds. Each averaged about $30. Have never bought a designer pair of jeans retail. I got anxious at the mere thought of paying $150+. But may have to do it soon. All my jeans are pretty trashed.

In addition to these six pairs of high end denim, I have 2 pairs from Tarjay (gray skinnies and dark wash skinnies) and a black pair of boot cuts from Forever 21. These cheapy, trendy ones averaged about $20.

While today's pair retails for $98, I got them for $25 thanks to Little Miss MBA. Right in line with what I typically pay. Yay recessionista me!

Added the new Madewell tank to keep everything casual and nautical. Find it adorable that Mr. Diabolina and Daisy Duke's were also in a stripey mood. Great boating minds think alike!

Bought this top because it reminds me of a simple Marc Jacobs top I heart. Love it so much, I added it to my "fashion scrapbook." See at bottom/middle on Sophia Coppola?

Have been creating fashion collages since I was 13. I know, how Beautiful Mind of me. But I think it's helped me develop an eye for cuts and unusual pairings. Can also help on fashion emergency days.

I've noticed that most of the fashionista bloggers do this type of inspiration collaging. They just do it online now. But I still like the tactical feel of cutting up magazines and putting them into my very own look books. Just how I like shopping in real stores not online. I guess I'm old like that.

I organize collages around a theme. Like this one is about proffesional looks comprised of easy separates for summer.

This one is about glam sparkle and fabulous furs.

Sometimes I organize them around fashionistas whose looks I love like Kate Moss or Gwyneth Paltrow or JLo. Think it's helpful to do ones with someone who has a similar body type or coloring as you.

This one's about jeans. Love jeans. A good pair can make you feel long and lean. And effortlessly hot. There are so many ways to make them your own too. Provide such a blank palette to build on.

That's why I adore this denim Marc bag. Works seamlessly with so many casual looks. Wore it today because I didn't want to worry about it getting grungy on the boat.

Should have considered bringing this USC bag instead. Danny B felt the need to point out I was decked out in Bruin colors. Ugh.

He would think that. He went to UCLA and is a bit of die-hard fan. It's really the only thing that makes him a less than perfect catch for the delicious Daisy Duke's ;)


MissJordyPants said...

How awesome for Mr. D. to have his own thing and how fabulous for you to find yourself enjoying it! I grew up on boats and after a period of hating them (being seriously too cool for them & my parents) am beginning to miss them.

Love the yellow stripes. Fantastic!

tam pham said...

boats make me throw up. before i even set foot on a boat, even if it's for 10 minutes, i take 2 dramamine. ADORE the yellow top! Need to get my flat Asian ass to Madewell this week!

weezermonkey said...

I want Madewell jeans now!

Please say that Mr. Monkey and I are your second-favorite lawyer monkeys. :)

Lynn Tran said...

What a wonderful way to spend an evening with tu amor - swoon. Like tam pham, I too get sea sick easily - I need Dramomine just thinking about getting on a boat.

Sable Crow said...

Yay Mr. Diabolina! Yay for a triumphant Friday all around: with his work, his woman, and his swimming.

Mar5195 said...

Very cool about the boat thing. I agree sometimes a boy needs his own hobbies and his own things.

What's that saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder??". :)

Woo for the Bruin colors! I love those jeans you just bought. But this Latina sister has the bootay. So I wonder if they are big bootay girl friendly. Hmmm.

Hey I'm not sure if you are into Chick lit. But there's this great author Alisa V. Rodriguez. She wrote this great book back in the day call the Dirty Girl's Social Club. It's about a group of latina gals who met in college and are besties, they call one another Sucia's (cute no?). I think you would be into.

She came out with a new book last week which is the sequel. It's kinda like the Latin version of SITC.

dapotato said...

the madewell jeans look great.

love giving the mr. space. we each do weekends away and have our own things, and it's always great to reunite after our time apart and continue to surprise each other. whee!

Milly said...

the whole "fashion scrapbook" is such a great idea!! u i have been collecting magazines since i was a teen first i was keeping all of them but after a fews yrs it was taking too much what i did was rip the pages that i need out and put them in a file folder but never thought of putting them in a much easier!!!!

Kate said...

Ugh...all this hunting, boat driving and gusta manly-man Mr. D.

This is kind of a combo comment for the above too. Love Stella Brown. It's nice that she isn't a baby and I don't have to send a gift. She is the gift!

Love these Madewell jeans. I am working on a program for them this Fall...maybe I'll get some freebies. But even if not, must check them out...I heard they fit well. ;)

amber said...

your new tank and jeans are uber cute on you.

and yay for bruin blue and gold!!!


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