Friday, June 26, 2009

The Scene
Not sure how I made it through this week but thank god I did. Mr. Diabolina and I leave for Hawaii bright and early tomorrow. YAYAYAYA!

To start off our vacation right, we met up with Sable Crow and Little Miss MBA for some fancy imbibing.

I almost keeled over when I saw Little Miss MBA. Not only did she look HOTTER than EVER in skin tight Vena Cava for GAP but she came bearing goodie bags for me and the boys. From her new summer employer, a leading cosmetics brand. She is truly the best friend a gift bag whore ever had.

We managed to snag a prime reservation at Cecconi's. Have been hearing about it for months (Victoria Beckham had her birthday there this spring with Eva, Jennifer and Katie.) Alas no celebrity sightings tonight.

The Friday night crowd was not exactly our cup of tea. Loads of "I have a Porsche and wear Ed Hardy" douchebags and "I love Botox and am dying to be on Housewives of New Jersey" cougars. The air became increasingly thick with desperation and pretention as the night progressed. One of those scenes that makes people say they hate L.A. Boo.

At least all the food we snarfed was tasty


But tasty

But honestly I could be anywhere on earth with these three people and have a blast. Even when I'm still not feeling 100 percent. Even when I'm still reeling over Michael Jackson's death. Even when douchebags leer at my legs and cougars maddog my dress :)

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Pucci scarf
Prada ombre heels
Fashion District ring and bracelet

The Grade

The Commentary

Fell in love with this $36 dress back in May because it reminded me of a $200 BCBG version. Bought it a few weeks ago.
Can you stand how gorgeous the neckline is?

And don't even get me started about the very of the moment color

Electric pink has been all over red carpets this season.

And the runways

I swear to GOD that I had no idea J Lo wore hot pink Herve Leger the last time she went to Cecconi's - and had a nip slip :)

Will be able to keep rocking the dress this fall with black ala Dolce and Gabanna

And Marc Jacobs

But in the meantime I think it will look pretty fab with tanned legs courtesy of Hawaii.

If a florescent pink isn't your speed, you can never go wrong with softer, prettier shades of pink.

Well...almost never ;)


tam pham said...

pretty in pink :-).

WendyB said...

Pink is fabulous on you...and she's really working the Vena Cava.

Couture Carrie said...

Love all these pinks!
Hope you had a fab time in Hawaii!


Sable Crow said...

This was one of my absolute favorite outfits on you. Pitch perfect.

Loved seeing LM.MBA and finding the secret to pictures: boys sit down while she stands! Big hearts and big smiles and full tummies that night!

amber said...

I'm all over this hot pink craze - love it!


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