Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Scene

My mother looked positively doll-like in her DVF today. That's the ONLY reason I allowed her to go against nature and buy a pair of Crocs. I know, I know: THE HORROR!!

She claims she'll only wear them around the house but I KNOW I'm going to catch those blue devils on her feet in public...mocking me...marring her adorableness. F.

Consoled myself by fondling perforated trinkets of my own at Nordstrom.

In serious lust with these See by Chloe bags. 30 % off everywhere I look lately. If they hit 50% off they are mine.

Did nab this pretty but edgy dress at the glorious Americana Forever 21. Just $36. Much better than $200+ for the BCBG version I've loved all year.

Also fell for this little number at F21. Very Dries Van Noten. Under $30. But the fit was bad news bears. Bunching and poufy where it shouldn't be, where I couldn't afford it to be. Had to just say no.

Deserve a medal for walking away from this adorable neckline.

Thankfully I peeped a necklace that creates a similar effect at Urban Outfitters. Might have to pick it up.

Ended the night watching the meh Angels and Demons followed by an even more meh meal at Katsuya. No matter. Don't have to deal with The meh Office tomorrow. Woo Hoo!

The Outfit
Betsey Johnson dress

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace and sunglasses
Marc Jacobs purse
Stuart Weitzman gladiators

The Grade

The Commentary

Was at H&M last weekend and realized the Matthew Williamson dress in the ad looked suspiciously similar to today's Betsey Johnson dress - the print, the sleeves and the shape. Betsey is clearly a big influence on Matthew with all the embroidery, bold colors and peasant shapes.

Loooving that a dress that I bought when I was 15 is still viable as I'm about to turn 32. Speaks to the need to exercise extreme care when pruning your closet. And the need to exercise. Gots to hang on to timeless pieces AND one's figure as long as humanly possible.

Happy to report that today I FINALLY turned Mr. Diabolina into a fashionista. It only took 13 years. When he saw my dress this morning, without blinking, he remarked that the print of the dress looked strikingly similar to "that jacket on The City."

You know, THE DVF jacket Olivia took credit for pulling for the Elle cover.

Ugh that witch be crazeeeeeeee.

DVF loved this print so much she did it in a short dress

And a maxi

A wrap top

And even shorts.

But I love the jacket most of all - the shimmer and sleeves and that detailing at the neckline are positively exquisite.

Added my own little flair to the neckline today. Picked up this cheapie Forever 21 bauble months ago. $7. Planned to wear it with this dress and a tan in Mexico.

My flower power version of the DVF Spring 2009 styling.

Today's necklace is a poor poor poor woman's version of the deliciously odd Marni necklaces that populate my dreams.

There are currentely a few Marni pieces on sale at Net-a-Porter - alas, none that I looove.

Thinking I'll just have to try my hand at a little floral DIY next.

p.s. Have you seen the preview of the fashion-fueled show coming to the CW this fall? It's called "The Beautiful Life" and stars Matthew Williamson-aficianado Mischa Barton. Looks like it's going to try to give Gossip Girl a run for it's money.

Will you be watching?


StartingOver@28 said...

I will be watching. Models + Mischa = DRAMA! I am a sucker for the drama.

weezermonkey said...

Of course I'll be watching!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

1. Your mom is adorable, even if she bought those crocs. (I share your pain. Those things give me an instant headache.)

2. Cute dresses at F21! I need to go back there.

3. Ever think of altering that dress? It looked great on you.

KT said...

Award for you over on my blog. Come pick it up!

Milly said...

Cute dress and necklace, i have it too, wore it last week on Thurs :)
and yes i'll be watching her show

amber said...

I'm shocked you let her buy crocs! Eek!

lookrichbitch said...

so proud of Mr. D.

i'll shamefully admit that i have a pair of ballet crocs. :( and i'll boldly say that I LOVE THEM.


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