Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Scene
Deeee-lish, relaxing day.

  • Worked out - hard. But not hard enough to undo the damage of this week's piggin. F.

  • Tried to figure out ebay. Opened a store a few weeks ago to sell the Diorette inspired rings. Who knew itd be so complicated? Yucks. Will share the store link once I get everything figured out and put cool stuff in there. Currently have two size 6's and one size 7 left. Just $24.99 plus shipping. If you're interested email me.

  • Caught up on blogging and emails and stacks of magazines. Finally got a chance to peruse the FREE book I got sent to me ages ago called City Chic: The Modern Girl’s Guide to Living Large on Less by Nina Willdorf. Reminded me that I have to get crackin on MY own book. But when???

In the evening this little cutie came over. She owed Mr. Diabolina a dinner for his birthday so we suggested Loteria. Like Mexican pigs.

Love how the embellishments on her new Tory Burch top matched her taco sampler platter. Unfortunately, the plates Mr. D and I ordered (a burrito and enchiladas) were pretty blah. Stick with the specials when you go.

Great weekend. Not ready for the week to start up again.

The Outfit
Forever 21 top
French Connection skirt

The Accessories
Forever 21 headband
Gucci purse
Kate Spade sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Gorgeous spring day out today. Built the outfit around these Kate Spade sandals. Fell in lust with them last May but didn't buy them until I got them for $70 at Nordstrom Rack when I visited Mr. Diabolina during his first trial in The OC.

The shoes feel like something a Gossip Girl would wear in the Hamptoms on a yacht, no? I plan to wear them in Hawaii this summer with just the right maxi.

Decided to dig out this white skirt because I recently saw a similar Phillip Lim tiered skirt for $395.

I think mine cost $30 resale. Like 6 years ago. So that's like what $2 in 2009 money?

Don't wear this skirt often since ruffles in white can be difficult to pull off for the hips.

Though for this zipper dreaminess I would make an exception.

Added the red top to play off the shoes

Still struggling with wearing red. But taking my own advice and challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone.

Added the bow in my hair because headbands are always in my comfort zone ;)

Wish this Lanvin bow clutch was in my budget zone. Purrrfect for today's outfit.


amber said...

Perfect little spring outfit!

Victoria said...

Loteria twice in two days! That's one of our favorite spots.. that chipotle salsa is insane!

Persistence said...

Can't wait for summer already! said...

Speaking of maxi dresses, i'm 5'3" and wondering if it will make me look even shorter? How long should they be? grazing the floor or right at my ankle?

lookrichbitch said...

I was drooling over that lanvin clutch too! Yum.

Excited to see your ebay store!


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