Monday, April 6, 2009

The Scene

The Good: Had an, um, meeting this morning. Before work ;)

The Bad: Been feeling off since Saturday morning. Tossed and turned all night in discomfort that only increased as the day wore on. Ughs. Making a doctor's appointment for tomorrow.

The Ugly: The Hills! Can you beeeelive Spencer's sucker punches? And the huge Chanel shopping bag Heidi brought to LC's party? And how positively ghoulish that red lipstick was on Lauren?

Think she looks best when she keeps things natural. Most Cali girls do. Especially when they are blubbering on their birthday. I should know. It's my specialty.

The Outfit
Banana Republic top and coat
Robert Rodriguez skirt

The Accessories
Gucci sunglasses and purse
Marc Jacobs maryjanes

The Grade

The Commentary

No picture today. Crawled into bed the minute I got home from work. But pretty much I looked like this. Except the shoes and bag were different today. And instead of the headband I had bangs ;)

Was inspired to dig out my favorite high-waisted skirt by my favorite high street bloggers, Karla's Closet

Childhood Flames - check out more insanely adorable like hers at Babooshka Boutique. Just $40!

Much more reasonable than Lauren's $200 something version. Humph. No wonder her line has been put "on hold."

And finally I was inspired by the FABULOUS Nini from my new favorite addiction , Nini's Style.

This is her equally fashionable friend Hahn. Found their delicious blog through Thumbelina. She took them resale shopping while they visited NYC.
Wah, that's what I wanted to do but had no guide!!!!

I would have also loved to look this insanely fab in Times Square!!!!!!!

I seriously need to step it up next time I visit. Stop being so practical and be more fabulous.

Adoring how both the ladies mix Forever 21 with Comme des Garcons, Lanvin, Junya Watana and YSL.

New Resurrection finds with fabulosity they brought from their home in Dallas including Rag and Bone, McQueen, The Row, Giuseppe Zanotti. Ugh, I DIE!

They seriously make me feel like a Cali fashion a good I-need-to-step it-up way!


Jean Bean said...

Naughty monkeys.

Cee said...

LC's reasoning for the hiatus is that so she can concentrate on working on a higher end line and w/ extravagant fabrics. Seriously??? I can't picture cotton fabric being more than $10/yrd.

Anonymous said...

Amazing...those shoes! How can they walk around NYC in them??! My feets hurt just looking at them.

Jadelily said...

"Meeting" hehe. I love it!

Emily said...

Ooooh, this "meeting" sounds exciting! Hope it went well and that you're feeling better soon.

lookrichbitch said...

"fashion hack"... that's my life story!

note to self: must get fab.

amber said...

Hope you're feeling better m'dear.

Nini's Style said...

Your blog is awesome!!!



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