Friday, May 23, 2008

The Scene
The office closes at 3 for the holiday weekend. Yay!

Meet my mom for an early dinner and a little Nordstrom sale shopping. Fall in love with these Kate Spade "Cabana" sandals. But at over $150, they are still a little too rich for my blood.

Instead, I opt for a $40 Michael Kors belt. It's chocolate with gold detail. Determined to become a black belt in belting by the fall ;)

In the evening, we meet up with one of Mr. Diabolina's college roommates, Mr. Director. A loud and proud USC cinema school geek, he has coordinated a big group of friends to watch the new Indiana Jones movie. Oh no? Oh YES!

Nearly twenty of us hit the Vista for a 9:45 showing. Mr. Director has spiked gatorade bottles of "Crystal Skull punch" waiting for us. We chug-a-lug - thinking we'll need a buzz if all the bad reviews of the movie are true. Wah!

Mr. Director is one of those people that is invariably bubbling over with energy. He talks a mile a minute, his eyes darting around with endearing curiosity. And tonight is no exception. He is giddy and it's infectious. I imagine that Speilberg was a big influence on his own decision to become a filmmaker. God I love creative nerds. Nearly studied cinema myself.

The movie though terrible (CGI MONKEYS?? INCA ALIENS?? MIND CONTROL??) is entertaining enough for me. I've never sat through an entire Indiana Jones movie. A fact I was trying to conceal from Mr. Director but Mr. Diabolina blurted out. Ugh. Way to narc me out.

PG-13 nerd alert of a night with a friend we've both known since we were 18. Silly start to the holiday weekend.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tunic
Forever 21 leggings
Vintage Parisian trench coat

The Accessories
Steve Madden boots
Chanel black chain bag
Me&Ro earrings
Black scarf
Banks & Biddle bracelet
Forever bangles

The Grade

The Commentary
Rain in May?? Ugh. This odd weather zaps me of sass. F.

Decide to build the outfit around the boots. Figure I should get some wear out of them before they are put out of the rotation for summer.

Grab this top because it's easy and boldly graphic and makes me smile. Maybe I wore it because it reminds me of my dear Styleminded who I may see tomorrow. Maybe today I wanted to remind myself that even though I don't have any friends at work, I still have close friends out there, somewhere ;)

Recently read that Diana Vreeland (famed Vogue editor) said "There is no such thing as unconscious dressing." Don't you love that? It perfectly bridges my two favorite things - fashion and psychology. For the last five months, keeping this diary has helped me realize that there is definitely a method to my dressing madness. That even though I just seemingly throw outfits together, there's alot bubbling beneath the decisions. Things floating in my subconscious that manifest in the outfit. So interesting.

In the evening I considered wearing an Indy outfit to represent. Got the idea even before I saw this Currently Channeling Who What Wear Daily piece. Really wanted to wow Mr. Director. Was thinking something like this little urban explorer look since I don't own the right fedora ;)

But Mr. Diabolina looked at me like I was crazy when I suggested it. So instead I just added an H&M bow belt and switched to flats.

A pointy heel would have been better for the proportion. Would have elongated the leg more. But I knew we had to wait in line for at least an hour and wanted to be comfortable.

In the end it was fine. The audience was full of guys like this one.

They were too busy being nerdy to notice my shoes.


Emily said...

I love this trenchcoat (actually this whole outfit) and as winter is coming in Santiago, I'd love to get one for myself. Slightly classier than a parka... I don't expect even you to have tips on where to find a trenchcoat in Chile, although it would be great, but I'll be in California (mostly the Bay Area, some LA) in July. Any ideas of where/if I might find one in the middle of summer? I'm not looking to break the bank - Burberry's out, traditional though it is - but I am willing to spend some money on what I hope will be an investment for years to come. Thanks, hope the LA weather clears up for you soon!

tam pham said...

i wish it wasn't 90 degrees in Dallas so that I can still wear leggings. indiana is wanting to see it, and I keep putting thinking of reasons why not. i'm such a bia.

weezermonkey said...

We saw Indy today. No bueno!

Good thing we sneaked into two other movies, so we didn't feel as if we'd wasted our money.


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