Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Scene
Um, today Peaches was a panelist on a Fox News entertainment show!!!!!! That's him looking pretty in purple second from the right.

The host is a personal acquaintance and has extended an open invitation for him to be on her weekly show. AAAAAAAAA! When I was in NYC, we were JUST discussing how a talk show would be the perfect gig for him. That boy is good at manifesting.

He's also good on camera. If you've watched his hilarious v-blog co-starring Mr. Prettier than Me, you know he has an opinion on everything. Today he discussed American Idol, TomKat, performing on Broadway and more. Had everyone on the panel positively entranced with his witty articulate ways. Ugh sooo proud of him. I feel like this may just lead to the next big thing...

Evening ended with Mr. Diabolina, beer in hand, leaving for a bachelor party in Chicago. Didn't get a chance to pick up that Hello Titty t-shirt for him. F to me. Sad to say goodbye to that kitty.

The Outfit
Vintage jacket
Forever 21 top
J Brand jeans

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Prada shoes

The Grade

The Commentary
Have been obsessing on this street chic look for weeks. So pulled together yet relaxed. The epitome of élan. This pretty baby even had me thinking about dusting off my blue Converse sneaks. Wasn't feeling them today but plan to get my hipster on soon though...

Feast your eyes on some inspiring denim looks - rolled up jeans

Distressed jeans

Jeans with animal prints

Deelish booties

And YSL spikes

This look - the gilded cropped skinnies, languid sweater, jaunty scarf, neutral bag, and YSL shoes - is perfection in my humble opinion.

Frankly anything with cage heels = my perfection.

Drooling over all the exquisite cut-out shoes right now.

So many shoes, so not enough money in my bank account ;(

I've decided my next expensive shoe purchase has to be something bold, colorful, unapologetic. These Fendi heels definitely fit the bill.

Would have matched my outfit AND my toes perfectly today ;)


Lynn Tran said...

I could totally see Peach as a talk show host - he would rock that.

tam pham said...

that outfit is an A, my dear!

weezermonkey said...

I can't imagine you wearing Chucks!

JillFantastic said...

VERY exciting for Peaches. Too bad it's Fox News. ;)

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Kudos to Peaches!

And you look fab. I'm personally not one for sneakers...I dunno. They seem reserved for models who can get away with anything.

Milly said...

i like your jacket...cute top too

amber said...

Thumbs up to Peaches! That is so cool!


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