Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Scene
After one-on-one tours with The Peeper and then with Amber, today marked the first official Ressionista Group Tour of L.A.'s famed Fashion District. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Sadly, two of the original five girls couldn't make it. But this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Allowed me to focus more personalized attention on the three pretty clients who did make it. Had sooo much fun introducing St. JudE, Pretty Pirate and JCH to the best kept shopping secrets in downtown L.A. We popped into more than a dozen stores in a five block radius. Chose only the ones with the best edited merchandise and most negotiable prices.

Proud to report, all the girls scored haute haute haute deals. Theory and DVF-inspired dresses for under $40, Me&Ro-like jewelry for less than $20. YAY! (More details in later Diabolina Styled Me and I Liked It posts.)

But this t-shirt was hands down the best thing we saw all day. I think Mr. Diabolina needs it for an upcoming bachelor party ;)

For dinner had a hot double date with The Peeper and Dr. Peeper. A sausage and beer extravaganza of a date.

We cheated on our go to favorite and tried Wurstkuche. Um, unfortunate name for a restaurant but deeeeeeeeeeeelish place. My new favorite in downtown.

Me and my boobs got the Mango Jalapeño chicken & turkey weiner. But I pined for Dr. Peeper's Duck & Bacon with Jalapeño Peppers. Doesn't that sound like heaven on earth?

Although each one of us got one weiner, each one of us wanted two weiners (that's what she said.) So we headed to Pacific Dining Car for dessert!!!!!!!! P-I-G-S.

Mr. D and I shared but the Peepers each got their own.

They are my heroes.

Tiring but fabulous day. Feel like exciting possibilities are dancing around me and my loved ones.
Good feeling.

The Outfit
Trina Turk dress
Fashion District wrap sweater

The Accessories
Me&Ro necklaces
Louis Vuitton earrings
Fashion District bracelet and ring
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Gucci purse

The Grade

The Commentary
Had a full blown fashion emergency this morning. I mean what does one wear to be a fashion tour guide??? This is unchartered fashionista territory.

Initially thought I should wear head to toe fashion district finds - you know, be a walking advertisment. But when I tried on some outfits this morning at 8 am, none of them felt quite right. After all, I don't really dress head to toe in any one thing. My style is about mixing high and low. So ultimately that's what I threw together.

Started with the pink Trina Turk dress I wore last summer for a girls' brunch

Now I've told you that black and pink will be a hot trend this fall. But recently I've also been seeing lots of pretty in pale pink looks worth noting.

Evening looks

And day into evening looks

Fabulously furry looks

And tiered tasty looks

Decided to dress down the dress today with flat sandals.

Good call since I was on my feet dispensing fashion advice for four hours!! Much more tiring juggling the needs and questions of three clients than I anticipated.

Today's Stuart Weitzman gladiators have seen better days. Have worn them to death over the last two years.

After this summer, I'll probably have to invest in new gilded flats. Loving these two options.

Remind me of this little gladiator that I wanted to bite today. St. JudE's baby joined us this morning for the meet and greet portion of the tour before heading off to the park with her devilish daddy.

Can't wait to give this hottie her own personalized tour of the fashion district in a few years. She's definitely a fashionista in the making. Plan to teach her lots of bad things - brown devil style.

Added the yellow sweater to tone down the sexy of the dress today. Bought it for under $20 a few weeks ago in the fashion district.

Now, I love me some big bold yellow

Currently coveting this Matthew Williamson for H&M dress.

But for some reason today I found that much yellow hard to wear.

Felt like Big Bird on more than one occasion today. But I guess all the girls could spot me easily if they got there's that.

The other downside to the yellow: it reminded Mr. Diabolina about his crocs.

He wanted to wear them out tonight for dinner/drinks. But his birthday week is almost officially over so I veteod that idea. In a nanosecond.


The Modern Type said...

I adore this outfit on you! And how do you stay so slim eating all that yummy goodness?

JCH said...

That Hello Kitty shirt is hottie, hot, hot...thanks for a lovely morning in the hood! :) You're awesome!

weezermonkey said...

Thumbs up to Croc regulation.

tam pham said...

yay! so excited for you! looks like you and your "students" had a great time!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I think a new career is calling...You are doing a great job with the fashion styling. (I think you're naturally gifted at it.)

And I hope I didn't sound too harsh with the last post's comment. I just wanted to let you know how cute I think you are. And I completely understand about the weight gain. That happened to me two years ago--I gained 7 pounds or so and on someone with a small frame, well, let's just say it was noticable. An asshole even made a comment about it. Well, I lost it (the weight) eventually but it taught me to be happy with myself more than anything else--big, small, in between.

amber said...

Fun! I'm glad you a good time and the trip was a success! :D

Cee said...

Please call me when you have the outing. I'm dying to know which stalls you frequent.

lookrichbitch said...

Ugh.. Are you going to check out the Matthew Williamson goodies at H&M? My SF trip will be too early to catch it.

If I got on a shopping trip with you, can we include a food trip too?? Mmmm.. i love me some weiners.


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