Monday, April 27, 2009

The Scene
This weekend I managed to avoid all the hype around two things: the swine flu and Speidi's wedding. But today the two converged in Cabo and I couldn't ignore either anymore. Fie on the interwebs.

(For all of you who have emailed, thanks for the concern. Currently still planning to attend the Puerto Vallarta wedding of Fancypants and Mr. Roboto in two weeks. Poor things. Can you imagine what a nightmare all this hoopla is for them? As if a destination wedding isn't stressful enough.)

Thankfully, I had some fun packages to distract me when I got home tonight.

First: a basket brimming with goodies that I won on Kt's Sassy Blog. YAY - I never win nothing! Mr. Diabolina was even more excited than me. Said the Chanel ribbon alone was worth it - hahahah! Thanks much, KT!

The second was a gift from the lovely folks from the online jewelry store few weeks ago they offered me anything on their site under $100. Um, ah-mazing!!! After hemming and hawing and enlisting the advice of The Peeper and Jean Bean, I ended up choosing this Onyx & Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Elephant Pendant. Sooo cute, no? Hopefully will keep my good luck coming. Thanks again, Nadia.

Ended the night with Monday mindless TV.

I am officially on Team Chuck. All you pretty boy Nate lovers can suck it.

Seriously how can you NOT adore a boy who rocks a polo and ASCOT under a velour suit to shoot hoops? Who can utter velveteen lines like,"If you need to mark your territory so badly, Nathaniel, maybe you should just pee on her." Ugh. Blair has to stop pretending to be someone she's not and rule the world with Chuck.

As for The Hills, how annoying was Audrina tonight? I cannot beeeeeelieve she was so cavalier about getting on Brody after accusing Lauren of getting on Justin. And fuggetabout the fact that Brody has a a girlfriend!!!! Foul foul foul.

AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY DOES HER FACE LOOK SO DIFFERENT THIS SEASON? Mr. D thinks it's her cheeks. I think it's her nose. It is seriously keeping us up at night. We need figuring this plastic surgery riddle out ;)

The Outfit
Marc by Marc Jacobs top
J Brand skinny jeans
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories
Fendi espadrille wedges
Forever 21 headband
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Scene

Woke up looking like the bride of Frankenstein. For realz, not as a costume.

For the record, I love curls. On everyone except me.

So today I didn't wear the headband as a Gossip Girl Monday shout out. I actually needed it to contain the uncontainable.

Thought about pairing the headband with my new H&M purchases - flats and a straw clutch: each just $16!!!! But decided to stick to yesterday's clutch. Too lazy to switch purses.

So I chose something we should all have in our closets - a pretty, summery top that is versatile, flattering and equally appropriate for work and for play

Skinny jeans

And the most suprisingly painful shoes I own. Ugh. Will never buy Fendi wedges again.

WILL buy Miu Miu ones though. NEEEEEEEED these.

If anyone from Miu Miu is reading, I will take one in every color. Thank you, love you, kiss you.


Jean Bean said...

her cheeks are higher

bets0281 said...

I think its her eyes. They look to be in a different shape or something...botox? Face lift?

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

I saw that headband in F21 the other day. I almost bought it but went with 2 others. My husband laughed at me when I showed up at happy hour wearing it and asked if I thought I was on Gossip Girl.

And for some strange reason I love those Miu Miu wedges even though they're totally not my style.

honey my heart said...

i'm on team chuck as well :) boy's got style oozing from him.

tam pham said...

i love the necklace from ice! i'm waiting to get my package from Nadia!

sarah said...

Cheeks and new arches to the brows? That's my vote.

Tracee said...

i think she had her "ceiling eyes" fixed. and maybe some lip injections??

Milly said...

great goodies you the elephant necklace

JillFantastic said...

I also think she had a ceiling eye-ectomy.

And I'm glad to hear you are still going to Mexico. This swine flu mania is nuts!

The Center for Disease Control reports that 36,000 Americans die from the REGULAR flu every single year. Why isn't that making the news? And in the 1970s the swine flu vaccination killed more people than the flu did! Let's put it in perspective people.

lookrichbitch said...

go team chuck! nate is too pretty. my momma always told me that you should never date anyone prettier than you - you should ALWAYS be the star of the relationship. hahaha!

and i looooooooove those miu mius. i was staring at them at my neighborhood nordies not too long ago. my eyeballs popped back in as soon as i saw the price tag.

Anonymous said...

That elephant necklace is the cutest!

amber said...

* Fun loot. That elephant pendant is adorable.

* Girl, I've been on Team Chuck since the get-go. He's hot. And reminds me so much of my friend Mr. Metro. Seriously, it's scary. ;)


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