Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Scene
Easter Sunday in Texas with Jean Bean and Mr. Diabolina - who would have ever thunk it when we met 12 years ago at an Emerging Leaders retreat??

The mister and I order room service to avoid the easter brunch frenzy at our hotel. We check out (sadly without any ghost encounters) and meet Jean Bean and Texas Cowboy midday to head out to his family's house about 40 minutes outside Austin.

Have I mentioned I love TC and JB together? There is such an ease and familiarity between them. As if they've known each other forever.
I should know since I've known her forever.

And yet, there's clearly a spark between them. He fundamentally makes her feel like a lady. YAY!

Ugh, he has
stolen my heart completely.

We meet about 15 members of his family. They are all welcoming and hilarious and lovely and just themselves. I like genuine, real people.

We have a yummy home-cooked meal, play with puppies, watch the kids hunt for eggs, visit the neighbor's donkey (!!!!) and have a little fun with confetti eggs.

Head to the airport in the evening where I struggle not to cry when we say our goodbyes. I comfort myself with the fact that the four of us will meet back here for a big celebration soon.

The perfect end to the day and the trip is that we sit next to a woman wearing Mr. Diabolina's tennis shoes. Proof positive that God has a sense of humor.

The Outfit
Marc Jacobs mosaic tunic
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Beige wrap sweater

The Accessories
Forever 21 bangles
Louis Vuitton earrings
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Marc Jacobs putty
Chanel brown quilted sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
I love that Mr. D, JB and TC were all wearing Lacoste today. What bougie pigs! So cute. Clearly psychically linked.

Loved Jean Bean pairing her canary yellow with a headband and cowboy boots. Preppy cowgirl hot!

At one point while I talked to his wife, TC's dad interrupted and shyly pointed at his ears and said, "I like your earrings."

I could have eaten his adorable face. He's this teddybear of a good ole boy who noticed my new mismatched Vuitton earrings. Amazing! That was worth every penny Juana spent on them ;)

I initially packed a go-to Marc Jacobs halter dress but thankfully JB told me last week Easter was going to be super casual i.e. no Easter dresses.

So instead I wore my newest Marc top. I heart this tunic. The colors are so gorgeous and MJ just does an amazing cut for my top half. His tunics typically cut in such flattering ways for this short-waisted chica.

I done good packing - thank the 33 year old resurrected Jesus!


weezermonkey said...

Confetti rules.

Jean Bean said...

I cannot believe you got Calvin to notice your high-fashion earrings! This is a retired TX game warden who hasn't heard of Banana Republic and thinks Austin is an oppressive, big city. And the next day, he pretended to be appalled because Jim wore dark denim with gold stitching (which I gave him) to Cabela's, the huntin' and fishin' superstore.

You win!

amber said...

pretty tunic.


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