Monday, April 13, 2009

The Scene
That beautiful Valentino documentary yesterday did quite a number on me. On one hand, I'm happy I've found my very own Giancarlo Giammetti. On the other hand, I feel increasingly panicked about the ongoing search for professional fulfillment.

What if I wake up in 30 years, look back and have nothing to show for my life? No children. No legacy. Just a string of jobs. Nothing grand, nothing that inspired me, nothing that affected people, nothing. That's my worst fear. Crystallized.

Yesterday's glimpse of a glamorous world

A fabulously frenetic world brimming with beauty

A world where creativity is rewarded and dreamers are lionized

Made Monday at The Office extra difficult.

But hey, at least I don't fold my resume into an envelope and stick my foot further and further in my mouth during job interviews. Seriously, I would own a meeting with that Kelly Cutrone. But then I'd have to work for that Kelly Cutrone.

The Outfit
Marc Jacobs top
J Crew skirt
Banana Republic coat
(all three bought resale)

The Accessories
Chanel earrings and necklace
Forever 21 bangle
Gucci bag and scarf
Claire's headband
Manolo Blahnik heels

The Grade

The Commentary

Zero fashion mojo today. Not inspired. Sorry. Plucked out the sheer top. My half hearted attempt to look a little fashionable. For you ;)

A little naughty YSL secretary.

I keep hearing sheer is a big trend for spring.

It was definitely all over the runways.

But not seeing much of it IRL. I guess The Office is tough enough without having to expose your goodies too.

At the last minute, added the chocolate skirt and Manolos to pull the outfit together

The short white coat was the cherry on top - made the look a little precious, a little pyt.

The braided headband came last.

My ode to the only good things about Mondays: Blair and Lauren.

Dying to rock a braided updo for evening soon. Only problem is I braid hair as well as I ski. Thinking one of the girls at the bachelorette party should be a braiding whiz. Maybe I'll snooker someone into braiding me up.

Loooooving this braided look. Proves thirtysomethings can work it too. The whole sophisticated look on Drew - black and white, asymmetry, red shoes, clean makeup - is an A+!

Definitely on my list to copycat soon. Add it to yours too.


weezermonkey said...

I don't know....I kinda love Kelly Cutrone.

tam pham said...

ditto weemo.

i almost died when she pulled out her folded resume!!! who does that?!?!

KT said...

My take on is is that if you have been kind to others that is enough to have accomplished. And the nicest thing? Kindness is FREE. (Didn't mean to get all tree-huggy and green on you!)

Jean Bean said...

I know you're going to find the right path because you're not going to stop until you do. The fact that you care this much already sets you apart from most people.

amber said...

I know you'll get it all figured out. {{hugs}}

Marian said...

i really want that Valentino documentary. loving the sheer trend!
yummy post!

WendyB said...

Love the braid! I want one!

Victoria said...

i LOVED the movie and cried... so amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love Drew's dress too. Let us know if you find a knock off.


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