Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Scene
Blah day of all days.

At least I had tasty sushi for dinner.

With a tasty boy.

The Outfit
Rogan for Target trousers
Vintage Burberry coat
Forever 21 top

The Accessories
Forever 21 flower ring
Abate for Payless shoes
Chanel bag

The Grade
F is for Frumpy

The Commentary

HORRIBLY, PAINFULLY, DEPRESSINGLY blah today when it came to getting dressed. Turning it out on the weekends is not a problem. Work is another thing altogether lately. Boo

Grabbed this top because it vaguely reminded me of this Juicy Couture that I've had my eye on for months. FINALLY went on sale.

Shop It To Me let me know it's down to $133 at Saks. Plus it's Friends and Family time at Saks so I think I'd get another 25 percent off. What do you think? Worried I should try it on. Not typically a great material for my shape, unfortunately.

Something like this yellow and blue are probably better for me and my hippage. Less clingy, more versatile

Loving Kim K's style right now. All about emphasizing the waist. Taking notes.

Ironically, I visited Couture Carrie today and found she is obsessing on yellow and blue too.

Great blogger minds...

Been fiending for a new purse lately. Have my eye on this Marc Jacobs purse. Actually on an outstanding knock off of it in the Fashion District. A bit pricey for a knock off tho at $40. Such a pincher of pennies lately.

Thinking this new LAMB clutch might be a good alternative. $195. My only hesitation: Bruin colors, front and center ;)


The Peeper said...

Kiss for your terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

Ella Gregory said...

I love the Burberry coat.

amber said...

I LOVE the bruin colors. ;) But I hear ya, I can't pair red and gold together for the life of me. Just can't do it.

Anonymous said...

It's always refreshing to know that even fashionistas have blah days. :) thanks for making my blah days...well...less blah!

Kate said...

Ha. Sucks how they have totally ruined blue and yellow right?


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