Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Scene
My mom and I are like that movie, Life is Beautiful. We make the most out of even dire situations. We are not complainers.

We are clowns. So when the going gets rough, we turn to laughter. We make jokes, we act silly, we use humor as a kind of buffer between us and the pain. It's a gift really - that ability to make each other cackle even in the most miserable of situations.

Like today. My mom had an MRI to detect if her brain tumor had grown in the last 3 months. As you can imagine, we've been quite anxious to find out. Our appointment to review the results was at 2. But the doctor didn't get around to us until 4.

You'd think those two hours would have been sheer agony. Wondering, waiting, not knowing. But they weren't. They were a pleasure. We chatted and made fun of each other and giggled the whole time.

So when the doctor finally came in and told us there was no growth and that he'd see us in six months that was just the cherry on top of a delightful afternoon with my best friend. A huge cherry but just a cherry ;)

The Outfit
Fashion District dress
Thrifted jacket

The Accessories
Manolo Blahnik slingbacks
Marc Jacobs bag
Me&Ro necklace

The Grade

The Commentary

Humor isn't the only thing that gets my mommy and me through - fashion is definitely part of the equation. So today I dressed for my momma - to make her smile, to make her proud, to make her forget.

Chose this beautiful eyelet jacket because it is the epitome of my mom's style - feminine and retro and vaguely latin.

Struggled with what to pair with the jacket. Went through pants and skirts and tanks and dresses. But ultimately settled on the nude dress with little tuxedo chest ruffle action.

Wish I had bought it a little longer. It's ok when I stand but when I sit it's, um, a whole lotta Sharon Stone. My mom was cracking up about it. Claims she caught the doctor peeping my legs at one point and wiggled her eyebrows at him. Ughs. She is incorrigible.

I blame the nude shoes. They make the leg look miles longer than they actually are. Which makes the dress look even shorter. Which apparently turns trained professionals into drooling dawggies. F.

Felt like I rocked the neutrals today. Until I saw this Chloe look on Leighton. Utter total unequivocable perfection.

Right down to her ruffled Phillip Lim for Christian Louboutin tootsies.

Glad to report I found these Pour La Victorie knock offs of the flat version of the Louboutins.

Which means a spate of high heeled versions isn't far off.

My mom and I will just have to wait. Good thing we're good at that.


dapotato said...

you and your mom are beautiful. <3

OneHundredDate said...

Hi Diabolina,
I feel the same way about my mom! We were recently stuck for hours getting my car towed :(

so lame! but we laughed the whole time...so funny! I love my mom

I love your blog because you love your mom as much as I love mine!

I have some sad news though :( Mine is moving to Idaho :( No fun

No mommy = no fun :(

What wound you do if your mom needed to move away??

weezermonkey said...

Hip hip hooray for no growth!

Anonymous said...

That is great news about your mommy!!!

Jean Bean said...

We watched Life Is Beaut in cinema class, 'member? I bawled because Brian's dad had just died. Anyway, so relieved about da tumor and glad you had a happy day.

Lo siento, pero no me gusta anything about that Leighton look.

ShoeZQ said...

My heart just swells for you and your beautiful mom. Wonderful news and an A+ outfit to boot! BTW I am also holding out for a heeled knockoff of the Loubie. I'll be keeping an eye out too!

Kelly said...

My best friends mom had a tumor in her bladder and they just had surgery last night so i can understand the agony of waiting! so i am so happy about the great news about your mom!!

you are both beautiful and your smiles are so contagious! Your outfit is absolutely adorable! A++ indeed!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I am thrilled for you and your mom. CONGRATS! It's so true--"laughter is the best medicine."

Cute look today, D! Those Loubies are ridiculously overpriced. I saw the python version and they were about 2k. I felt immediate disgust.

Emily said...

So happy to hear about your mom!

And I have to agree with Jean Bean on this one, I think Leighton's dress is too busy, awkward and potentially about to strangle her. The shoes with a simpler dress would work for me, but with so much (bad) going on up top I feel like the shoe ruffles are overkill. But hey, differences of opinion keep fashion interesting, right?

~kelly marie~ said...

Wonderful, wonderful news about your Mom!

tam pham said...

what wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!! hugs and kisses to you and your mom.

Jadelily said...

Terrific news--so happy for you guys!

WendyB said...

Yay to no growth!

R said...

Happy for the great news about your mom!

Milly said...

yiipeee for your mom

you look great as always

Lynn Tran said...

So glad to hear about that non-growing tumor.

Sable Crow said...

Yay! You're such a great writer.

"...to make her smile, to make her proud, to make her forget" will carry me through the rest of my day. I love the idea that such is the power of fashion. That's really what keeps the ladies (and some boys!) coming back to your site.

Kiss to you.

Rachee said...

yay for your mom! I love that jacket/dress combo, gorg!

HazelnutPhotography said...

eeekkk! So thrilled for your mommy!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite outfits on your blog by far. You look gorgeous!!! Great news about your Momma.

Megan from TN

alyssa said...

So happy there was no growth!!! I love that you have such a great relationship with your mama!

Those Pour La Victorie knock offs are amazing!

lookrichbitch said...

OMG. You look effing HOT. If I was your mother's dr. I'd totally be checking out your stems too! Geez louise!

I want your dress. Take it off and mail it to me please. Thank you.

amber said...

So happy to hear your Mom is doing well. :)


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