Monday, April 20, 2009

The Scene
This afternoon, surrounded by loved ones in her home, Flower's mom passed away. She was a devoutly religious woman and he simply told me: She went home. What a beautiful way to put it. There's a reason I call him Flower ;)

In my car tonight, I wept silently for a woman I will never meet. I wept as I thought of all the ways she will be missed and all the things she will miss. How she won't see Flower walk down the aisle next year. Or meet his babies. They'll never know their grandmother - the sound of her laugh, the warmth of her embrace, the strength of her faith.

And I wept because life just went on today. A beautiful soul left us and yet the emails kept filling my inbox, the phone kept ringing. The world didn't stop. Not even for her.

Sometimes I think all of this - the nature of life and death, our very existence - is just a cruel joke. Or maybe it's just beyond our comprehension. Or maybe it just is.

Tonight, I did something I don't often do, something that I typically keep locked up tight, something that's too painful to approach. Tonight I thought about the days all those years ago that followed my dad's death. The whirlwind of decisions and barrage of people. The blur of emotions I felt but didn't understand, the words people said but I didn't hear.

I thought about my mother and I taking turns being "the strong one" like two dancers moving to a rhythm only they can hear. The nights that slipped into days where I would wake up and hope it had all been a dream. I remember so vividly that split second so many mornings when I'd realize that it hadn't been a dream, that this was happening, that he was gone, that my world would never be the same. Poor Flower. Keep his heart in yours.

The Outfit
YSL lace bolero
Armani Exchange top
Robert Rodriguez pants

The Accessories
Forever 21 sunglasses and headband
Chanel bag
Fashion District earrings
Marc by Marc Jacobs flats

The Grade

The Commentary

Mondays always start with a headband :)

The Queen B would be pleased.

Built the outfit around this delish AX top. $20 on clearance.

Been dying for a white top with black buttons forever and a day.

This Phillip Lim blazer would also do nicely.

Would pair it with this Phillip Lim clutch

A more affordable version of this Miu Miu dream dream.

I love how Phillip Lim does impeccable contrasting detailing. Subtle but no less stunning.

Love how his pieces have a way of looking complicated and simple simultaneously. Like so much thought went into constructing them and yet they wear with an air of effortlessness.

That might be the hallmark of great design. That and pockets ;)

His Fall collection had all his signatures and then some. Absolutely delish styling too.

Great call on all the wearable separates. With the economy how it is, real women want real fashion. They want pieces that will easily slip it into their rotation. No fuss, no muss.

My easy breezy sleeveless top makes me think about the vest heard round the blog world today.

The new Target Go International

Everyone is calling it a Balmain facsimile

I also believe it's got a little Phillip too.

Think I prefer today's little lace bolero to both. Partly because duh it's YSL. But also because it reads less trendy, more classic.

Think B would agree.


tam pham said...

pool Flower :-(. hugs to you both.

Jean Bean said...


amber said...

Growing up really sucks sometimes.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

You are really strong woman. And I'm guessing you got that from your equally strong mother. Good on both of you for making it through and still smiling. BTW - the jacket is TDF

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I'm so sad for Flower :( My deepest condolences.


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