Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Scene
I heart Mr. Diabolina. He is not a foodie AT ALL but today he suggested a new BBQ place for lunch.

He knows a pigging Diabolina is a happy Diabolina.

Today - for the billionth time in our 10 year relationship - he tried to roll pig style like me but failed miserably. See the doggie bag. Amateur.

After an afternoon of cardio at the gym and H&M, it was time to eat again. YAYAYAY! Dinner with Mr. Architect and Mr. Silver Haired Fox. YAYAYAYYAYAY!

Couldn't snag a resy at Susan Feniger's new restaurant Street (ugh, hate it when they pretend not to know who we are!) So we settled on our own private nook perched above all the plebians. Perfect.

Fact: I want Mr. Architect and Mr. Silver Haired Fox to become my second and third husbands - Big Love style. We just alwys have such hilarious, pitch perfect nights with them. Today we started the evening gabbing about dysfunctional families which led to - duh - Grey Gardens. They loved the HBO movie so much they already watched the documentary. That's what WE wanted to do!!

Also on our to-do list: Michael Jackson's auction. The boys not only went they took endless photos. LOVE! Regailed us with stories of the Neverland gates and firetruck, the dioramas featuring Michael as Peter Pan or kicking it with E.T., the horribly gaudy furniture and clothing. I DIE.

They also showed us all the creepy wax figures, statues, paintings of kids, kids and more kids. Ughs. What happened to the Thriller Michael Jackson that I was supposed to marry?

Un then we heard all about the boys' fab night at the Gay & Lesbian Center fundraiser the night before. How they had front row seats to Xtina bringing the house down with "You are Beautiful," Sarah Silverman killing it with new material, and Sharon Stone being a skinny banana (as she handled the auction, she felt the need to acknowlege times are rough - no more buying $1000 shoes for her, she's down to $500 pairs. Wah wah wah.)

And no night with Mr. Architect would be complete without a photo posing lesson. Tonight's came from his shot with Paris from last night. We decided hand on the shoulder = genius.

BTW, the food at Street was wonderful. Well, what I can remember of it. The boys kept ordering family style. But I was busy sucking down mint juleps.

Um, don't quite remember taking this photo. Amateur.

Fabulous night with a fabulous couple.

If they won't marry me, I hope they'll seriously consider adopting me.

The Outfit
People Like Frank shorts
Forever 21 tank
Thrifted blazer

The Accessories
Target hat
Jefferey Campbell hells
Chanel bag

The Grade

The Commentary

On my shorts kick again today.

During the day I wore a denim pair with cute pockets. Bought them on sale last month for less than $20.

Paired with the gladiators and my new Tar-jay hat, I felt positively adorable all day.

For evening I decided to dress up the look a bit.

Donned long black shorts I bought resale. Rolled them up then added the heels and the blazer.

Think it worked. A little Kate Moss style.

Aka thirtysomething still alive and kicking style.

Currently fiending for these Chloe scalloped shorts and boyfriend blazers.

So California cool with a Parisian twist. LOVE!

Was surprisingly comfortable in the heels with shorts look tonight.

Was worried I'd feel like a busted twentysomething wannabe.

Think it helped that Mr. D LOVED the look. YAY! And that he was wearing his candy striper shirt to match ;)


tam pham said...

i heart shorts, i heart you, and i definitely heart you in shorts.

Ly said...

your rocking that hat!!! love the look. and um, can you share your secret for cellulite-free legs??? TIA!

weezermonkey said...

Love the faux running photo of you.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Street. I can't bring myself to go because all the food there can be had for some much cheaper at holes-in-the-wall!

Da Fashionista said...

oh mami, the cellulite is there, believe you me. even on skinny kate moss in shorts. it's all about how you pose. no one remembers how you look in person, it's more important to look good in celluloid. I seriously have to write a book with mr. architect. adding it to the to-do list.

♥Rosie said...

so copying you this weekend... Love the outfit!!! and Mr. Architect!

JCH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dapotato said...

love. you totally rock the shorts.

WendyB said...

Adorable hat!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Loved your evening look!!! Totally heart it. And you and your man are a love inspiration to everyone.

Charmaine Li said...

kate bosworth in that beige blazer ensemble is my fav look for the summer!

girlblue said...

Love the hat and think you look adorable in the shorts.

Kyle said...

SO JEALOUS of you with other gays!!

Victoria said...

love the hat!

lookrichbitch said...

tampham took the words right out of my fingers! WHY IS IT STILL SO EFFING COLD HERE?! *ahem

so glad that you're a piggie too. my little hb is soooo not a foodie either. eating is just something he has to do to stay alive, barely. i'd much rather have dinner with my girls, whom are equally piglicious, and order everything on the menu!

Emily said...

Love this whole outfit - you look adorable! And I agree with WeeMo, that running shot is great, especially when combined with the fact that your recollection of it is a bit hazy.

amber said...

You rocked that outfit! So fierce. Adore!! And the running shot?! Two thumbs up!


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