Friday, April 24, 2009

The Scene
Dinner and a movie tonight. And even that I managed to overthink. Oy vey I'm a nerd.

You see, when Mr. Diabolina suggested Tyson, the documentary about Mike Tyson, I had a visceral reaction.

First of all, I didn't know there even was a documentary about Mike Tyson. And second, I thought, Ugh, isn't he someone we are supposed to revile not pay money to watch on big screen?

But just as quickly as I thought it, my own knee jerk reaction upset me...deeply. It was rooted in precisely the judgmental shit I've been trying to put behind me for the last few years. Judgment=toxic and pointless. I don't even know Mike Tyson - never will - so what business do I have judging him? We are all one, we are all broken, we are all imperfect.

So I decided to look at the film as a simple way to challenge myself on a Friday night: my openmindedness, my ability to accept the light and dark coexisting. I wanted to challenge myself to gain insight into another human being - one that society has written off as a caricature - because it's what I would want someone to do for me.

And ultimately, I'm glad I watched the film. It definitely isn't for everyone. Just like boxing isn't. Or this blog isn't. But I found it engaging and eye-opening.

I did a documentary on an Olympian in graduate school so frankly now I find any glimpse into the elite ranks of athleticism fascinating. Think I am drawn to athletes' stories of mental discipline and physical strength. Being a strong disciplined person is enormously important to me.

Plus this movie is shot in a disarmingly intimate way - tight closeup on Tyson for the entire duration of the movie. He is the only one that speaks in the film too. Feels quite compelling to HAVE TO peer inside this man. A person who achieved so much at such an early age. An athlete that I remember as a child my mom and dad (both big boxing fans) mentioning in the same breath as Ali. A man who was lauded for his explosive intensity inside the ring but punished for it outside the ring. Was also struck with the recurring themes of fear and mistrust in Tyson's life - themes at the core of my own childhood and adulthood. Interesting the parallels you can see when you are not closed off, when you are awake instead of just reacting.

Like I didn't notice until we were leaving the theater that I had been sitting right next to one of the Miller sisters, Alex, the former image director for DVF. I find it soooo interesting that she was there watching Tyson's story of reinvention. Like me, she doesn't seem like the "type" who'd end up in that theater. But then I remembered her very public divorce from Diane's son so she likely knows a thing or two about perception v. reality too. Interesting, interesting, interesting.

The Outfit
Robert Rodriguez skirt
Image wrap sweater
Thrifted tank top

The Accessories
Fashion District necklace
Chanel bag
Frauda sunglasses
Marc Jacobs shoes

The Grade

The Commentary

Cannot stop thinking about this gorgeous neckline on Drew.

Pulled together my own little approximation this morning.

Currently on the hunt for a bib necklace but have had no luck finding a reasonably priced beauty. Saw a ton at Neiman's but too pricey for my recession blood.

Love how the necklace made old pieces feel new today. Getting a real kick out of shopping my own closet lately. So is my bank account ;)

Today I added the purple top first

Followed by the skirt

And then the sweater

Then the hot pink shoes

And finally the sunglasses. Perfect because the colorful necklace makes me feel like a pretty butterfly. One that can sting like a bee ;)


tam pham said...

pretty in purple.

Juana said...

Did they address at all WHY he bit a man's ear off?

You look fanstatic in the cream dressw with the flowery jacket.

Da Fashionista said...

they address everything, mama - the ear, robin givens, desiree washington, prison, sex, his kids, don king, how he was raised, his mentor, money - everything.

Anonymous said...

I wanna lay a Mike Tyson punch on your buns to punish you for going to Mexico when I'm in town next month. Your departure means a sharp drop in the fabulosity ceiling for my trip.

The Ben

Jean Bean said...

Frauda! hahahaha

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I have to say that I cannot STAND Mike Tyson. My husband wanted to see the movie but I immediately vetoed that. Well, I'm impressed you went. This post is beautifully written, and it makes me think twice too.

Anonymous said...

Please let us know when you find an amazing and affordable bib necklace! I bought one at UO and returned it the next day. I think I was desperate for one!


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