Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Scene
First day of tradeshow. In businesswoman mode all day. Everything goes better than expected. Thank goodness. Yay to kicking ass and taking names.

Unfortunately, THIS is what I wore all day. Blech.

As I got dressed this morning, my mom ruefully called the ensemble my "McDonald's uniform." Said she never dreamed she'd see the day. WAHH!

Thankfully we left behind all thoughts of the golden arches and enjoyed an intimate, LOVERLY dinner with my Peach and Jean Bean at his FAB condo.

Peach pulled out all the stops AGAIN (remember the beautiful breakfast he made me the last time I visited NYC for work????) As the girls sipped cocktails, he masterfully whipped up the tastiest salmon I have EVER EVER EVER eaten.

He even baked cookies for dessert. What. a. show-off. Totally sucking up to my mama ;)

After dinner, we enjoyed a little fashion show courtesy of Jean Bean. Meet her latest Marni score from eBay.

And Target Go International dressy dress. On sale. Just $12. Yum to ruffles on a dime.

And no night would be complete without kidding Peaches about his Betsey Johnson fashion sense. My mom (in her so-fugly-it's-hot, Stella McCartney sweater - natch!) went straight for his tin man Pradas. Too easy.

Peach, we kid you because we loooooove you.

Ended the night with a trip up to Peaches' AH-MAZING rooftop to take in the gorg views. So fancy!!!! Thrilled for him and Mr. Producer.

Can't wait to visit them when the weather's warmer and I can lay out - Sex and the City style.

Beautiful wonderful night in. Choked up several times tonight as I looked at these three magical faces. Their love and light and support have seen me through so much.

Today, as we discussed careers and my dad and this blog, I felt so safe, so loved, so understood. I handed them my advice and my friendship and my love, and they all handed me back their hearts in return. In their eyes, I saw home. Even 3,000 miles away.

Ugh. What a lucky bitch I am.

The Outfit
Laundry skirt
Banana Republic gray sweater

The Accessories
Henri Bendel headband
Levine peacoat
DKNY tights
Forever 21 gloves
Tory Burch flats
Fashion District scarf
Marc by Marc Jacobs tote (my mom's)

The Grade

The Commentary

Today was a lesson in the transformative power of a good pair of tights.

They made even my hideous work uniform look passable, more fashion.
Definite improvement over the last time I wore this uniform.

And the Chanel bag, Tory flats and bangs definitely helped too.

For dinner, I ripped off the button down, donned a gray sweater with the same skirt, flats and tights I wore all day for work. Borrowed my mom's gilded MJ purse and tied on the new LV Damier-esque scarf.

Added the star headband I picked up for $28 at Bendel's yesterday. Knew Jean Bean would luvre it.

Heart that she wore her H&M statement necklace because she knew I would love it ;)

Nothing like a fashion bestie. Especially one in red tights.


WendyB said...

Now I want McD's fries.

Jean Bean said...

Gouda nighttime pictures! And I think you look much more like an airline reservationist than a food hasher. Miss you!!!!!!!

weezermonkey said...

Oh, tights! You make me so hot! Not in a good way, alas. :(

I agree with Jean Bean.

Tabitha said...

I love that Target dress so cute!

lookrichbitch said...

McD uniform! Dying! Momma D is hysterical!

Love the headband!

amber said...

I admit, I like the $12 Target special way better than the Marni. I'm so not fashion forward. ;)


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