Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Scene
So although I don't remotely work in the fashion industry, I managed to have three little fashionable run-ins today.

Fashionable encounter #1:
Briefly chatted with the biz dev guy for a site called Arthur Beren Shoes. Had never heard of the site but he had me at high end designer shoes.

Fashionable encounter #2:
Today's morning speaker was the CEO of Attended his talk on a whim and ended up really inspired.

For one thing, he focused on the importance of corporate culture and transparency when building a successful brand today. He also urged the audience to follow passion not money. In fact, he discussed his company's policy of actually paying people to quit.

And he peppered his talk with Diabolina-esque touchy feely words like serendipity and authenticity. All while wearing a t-shirt, jeans, hoodie and Asics and looking younger than me. Loves it.

Now I never go up to keynote speakers. I think the people that do tend to bug. Big time. I mean I can and will talk to anyone but overt "networking" (read: sucking up) really bothers me. I'm cut from the cloth that thinks success should flow from hard work not random connections.

But today, today, I felt like making a random connection. I felt like thanking someone successful for sharing an atypical, candid perspective. For giving me hope that some employers do get it. And that maybe my professional home run is around the corner.

So I mustered up the courage, waited for the hanger-oner crowd to dissipate, and went over to say my piece. I babbled a bit nervously and then asked him a few questions:

How has the audience for Zappos evolved since the site began?
The site sells $40 shoes and $2000 shoes so there isn't a true, core audience.

What brands are the best sellers?
The top brands are seasonal - Uggs in the winter, New Balance and Stuart Weitzman the rest of the year.

Then we just stared at each other. Awkwardly. So I ran away, even more awkwardly.

For the next half hour, I kicked myself for not asking to snap his photo or telling him about my passion for the Web and fashion and writing. But then serendipity stepped in and remedied all that.

I left the hall to run an errand only to run into Tony on the street. Chatted briefly about how the blog is helping me figure out what I want to do with my life. And snapped this pic. YAY!

Fashionable encounter #3:
As the day was winding down, I got to talking with one of the event organizers. He told me how he'd left his big corporate job in NYC and moved to California to work for himself. He also told me he'd be in my hood in a few months helping with a Dolce and Gabanna show. Amazing. When he asked for my card I let him know I make a delightful plus one for fashion parties ;)

Three little crossing of paths that made my day sparkle today. Three little signs perhaps.

The Outfit
Vantage button down
Laundry skirt

The Accessories
Fendi watch
Fashion District spike bracelet
Chanel earrings and necklace
Nine West cap-toe flats

The Grade
S is for Spock and School Girl and Sadness

The Commentary
So how depressing is it that I had three fashionable encounters all while looking straight out of Star Trek. Sigh.

Realized today that part of the reason I loathe uniforms goes back to my so called life as a Catholic school girl. I wore a uniform for the first 18 years of my life. First it was a red hood with a plaid jumper.

Then in high school it was an itchy wool skirt with an even itchier brown blazer.

For 18 years I was expected to put away my individuality and be indistinguishable. And I really didn't mind it. I didn't know any better. But now I do.

Tried desperately to fashion up the HID outfit. Make it feel more like me. Enter Chanel. The necklace and the earrings helped.

And the little Chanel-inspired flats too. Got through the day by looking down at my feet and thinking of my amazing new tights with interlocking C's. YAYAYA!

Did you see what Kaiser Karl cooked up for the Spring 2009 runway show? A life-size facade of the storied Chanel building at number 31—complete with a street as the catwalk. Adore.

Must admit not the most inspired Chanel collection but here are some, um, interesting looks

But the gowns per usual were stunning

The hot mess tights were probably my favorite part of the show. Sexy secretary meets bike short wearing Lance Armstrong. That darn Karl...

And loving these two pairs of legs striding into the show. Chaneled out fabulous. (If you haven't bookmarked the AMAZING site Jak and Jil - do it now! Thanks for the tip, Fashionintelligensia.)

p.s. Dakota Fanning was on my flight home today. I noticed her because she was escorted to the gate and looked too young to be wearing the chunky heels she had on. She was also carrying a huge gorg Balenciaga bag. Imagine having a $3000 bag at age 14. Sigh.


LaCouturier said...

cute flats! i added you, as you wished. haha

WeezerMonkey said...

The pic of your sad face in uniform is hilarious.

Tony Hsieh is da bomb.

amber said...

yay for your fun fashion encounters! sorry that your outfit didn't really show off your personality though :(

Kate of All Trades said...

Not sure you know this. When I conjure up my earliest memories of you, when I first became aware of you, you are wearing your Helenes uniform. Those get my vote for all time worst uniforms. Now I know it must have been killing you to wear that....

amy said...

ha to the helenes uniform! i thought the same thing... i went to law school with a girl who had absolutely no connection to usc and certainly no knowledge of the helenes and she would wear the red skirt white button down shirt outfit regularly. no one understood the hilarity of her "fashion" choice...

and i share diabolina's distaste for the overt hangers-on. but i'm glad you chose to make a deliberate connection.

Victoria said...

i love those pics of you as a kid! too cute...

tam pham said...

i cannot wait to see the debut of the tights!

lookrichbitch said...

love that no matter what the uniform is that you're forced to wear, you still add some "d" into the mix.


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