Friday, December 12, 2008

The Scene
Tonight was my former employer's holiday party. Can't believe it's been 7 months since I left. Neither could Styleminded and Mr. Honorary Hot Chick. So they invited us to meet up for an afterparty. At Crown. Close to midnight. Oy vey.

To avoid the drunken disaster that happened the last time we attempted Crown late night with youngsters, Mr. Diabolina and I went to a movie (Doubt) and picked up some coffee first.

Fueled by Catholic angst and caffeine, we then met up with our PYTs.

While Styleminded and I gossiped about the party (not enough tables for dinner! an empty dancefloor!), Mr. D and Mr. HHC rekindled their bromance. These two seriously can't get enough of each other.

But tonight I didn't have to worry: Mr. HHC brought his own 6 foot tall stunner - his new gf, a Patron shot wielding temptress.

And per usual, Styleminded's posse of hotties was also in full effect. Ugh. Too much prettyall around me.

Fun fun night. Boy do I miss my work pals...

The Outfit
Forever 21 tank and sequin hoodie
American Apparel leggings

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace and headband
Alice Roi clutch
Dolce and Gabanna heels
Chanel earrings

The Grade
B+ is for enhanced boobage!!!!!!!!!

The Commentary
Felt a bit dowdy last night next to all the young vixens so amped up the volume tonight. Knew the girls would be wearing dresses but was feeling more casual.

Started with the sequin hoodie, then added the leggings and the loose top. Piled on the chain necklace and the feather headband. Ugh managed to work in every conceivable "hot" trend into one look. What a fashion victim!

The sole stroke of genius was digging out my miracle bra. Figured any outfit that featured this article of clothing would be a hit with Mr. D. Ugh. Boys are so simple.

Also a big sequin hit tonight was Stylista. Remember when Styleminded wore this dress? Ah to have a stylish bestie whose closet I could share. Alas, I couldn't jam one thigh into most of Jean Bean's outfits. Boo.

Sequins and leather boots were THE things tonight at Crown. Unfortunately, this girl was giving both a bad name.

Every time I looked she was doing another "look at me, look at me" move on the dancefloor. Ha!

Here are some better holiday "look at me" looks - adore!


weezermonkey said...

We are such fuddy-duddies compared to you guys!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Wow, you looked Smokin hot. I'm sure Mr D had to keep both eyes on you.

lookrichbitch said...

dang it! why didn't i buy that hoodie?? i wonder if it's online...

love your outfit!

Nololos said...

Sorry if this is a double...
I just wanted you to know that we are still with you out here in Hawaii, girlie!
Keep up tha fab-ness!

WendyB said...

Good boobage and shiny leggings = perfect outfit.

amber said...

boys are simple, aren't they? ;)

cute look.


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