Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Scene
This morning, Mr. D packed up and was off to his trial in The OC. Like the Mischa he is :) He'll be gone for THREE WHOLE weeks. Wah. Trying to be excited for him instead of sad for my lonely, left behind ass.

Didn't have much time to mope though - had to lavish my mom with birthday attention befitting a tiny queen. Took her to 208 on Rodeo for brunch, followed by a little trip to Tiffany's to pick up her present. That lucky mommy.

Shared such a nice, meandering Sunday in the suddenly fall-like weather. We talked about Mr. D's trial and Proposition 8 and growing up in Guatemala and Jean Bean running today's NYC marathon and what it feels like to be a U.S. citizen and how the world will change this week. Forever.

After dinner (at Ketchup - natch!), I got home and made sure Jean Bean was alive after her big day. She was and sent me these ADORable pictures as proof.

So thrilled for her big accomplishment. Her capacity for greatness is stunning, her friendship humbling. Sad I couldn't be there to witness this triumph but comforted by the fact that I will be there for countless others.

One picture she sent made me stop and catch my breath. Jean Bean inscribed birthday wishes to my mom on her marathon jersey! It was so unexpected that I was deeply moved by this gesture. Immediately started bawling alone in the dark.

I cried because I have a girlfriend who is a world away physically but who shoulders my heartaches every day. Who reminds me of my greatness when I see her own. There is no greater gift one woman can hand another.

I cried because I finally acknowledged, after a day of leaving so much unsaid, that this could be the last birthday my mom has before her surgery, before a new chapter starts. I cried because I am scared.

I also cried because I am lucky -I have one best friend who shares my blood and another one who would bleed for me if I asked her to. I am blessed.

The Outfit
Forever 21 top and leggings
Burberry jacket

The Accessories
Chanel bag and earrings
Forever 21 bangle
Steven Madden boots

The Grade

The Commentary
Had a bit of a fashion emergency this morning. Wanted to look purty for my mom on her birthday. Feeling alot of pressure after the last two days of Chanel fabulousness. Ack!

So when my mom showed up at my house looking cute as a Burberry button in her quilted jacket I decided to be twinsies and don my Burberry jacket too. That's why I snagged both jackets after all, right?

I've been bonkers for Burberry every since Jean Bean's Cinderella moment earlier this week.

Current obsession: this yellow crinkle Christopher Bailey cooked up for Spring. (BTW, I intend to attempt the socks with sandals look very soon - be afraid.)

Comfort eventually took precedence over sass today and I busted out the leggings.

Wish the bag I paired with them were studded and Burberry. Ugh. I covet.

Almost wore my AA latex leggings to glam my day up.

Have been loving them on those Olsens lately.

Heart them spicy and styled for day

Or with tailored 007 pieces.

And cannot get enough of drop crotch, Hammer style leggings either.

The silhouette feels like the freshest thing I've seen in so long. Ironic because it's soooo early 90s.

If you are interested in another blast from the past, take a cue from Katie. She's been rocking STIRRUP leggings!!! What do you think: yay or nay?

I think I actually approve. Though it's probably only because the shoes she paired WITH the stirrups look like my much debated gladiators! Pretty sure hers didn't cost just $75 though.

Just like I'm pretty sure this Borat fashion choice made Jean Bean cackle with glee and forget the pain today on her way to the finish line.


tam pham said...

thanks for making me tear up before i've even had my morning coffee!!! what was in the tiffany's bag???

WendyB said...

Always happy to see latex leggings. Hugs to you and your mom!

weezermonkey said...

It has always cracked me up that you think he looks like Miss Barton.

amber said...

happy birthday to your mommy. still thinking good thoughts for her.

and congrats to jean bean on the marathon! what an accomplishment :)

Jean Bean said...

Speechless. I love you.

Mar5195 said...

YAY Jean Bean!! Rockstar, GO TEAM!!!

R said...

"I also cried because I am lucky -I have one best friend who shares my blood and another one who would bleed for me if I asked her to. I am blessed."

You are very lucky indeed.

Juana said...

jean bean, you rock.

Anonymous said...

You look so cute in that outfit! What did you buy the lovely birthday girl??

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I hope it all goes well with your mom. Aren't friends wonderful? I couldn't live a world away from my family without them.

amy said...

jean bean you are pretty ripped! wish i could upload my fave jean bean athletic picture from our trip to the olympic training center in san diego :)

amy said...

btw, jean bean, do you need the name of a good vet? 'cause your pythons look sick ;)

Emily said...

I loved Katie's gladiators/stirrup pant look and thought I was just going crazy. Glad to see you agree!


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