Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, Novemeber 17, 2008

The Scene
Sushi tonight with old co-workers, The Biscuit and KFR.

Five years ago, these two people were my world. They helped me get through the day - every day. They laughed with me and pulled their hair out with me. They helped me grow professionally and personally. They set the bar for work friends who become life friends. How lucky I am.

How lucky we all are. To still be friends; to still care; to always pick up wherever we left off; to always support each other.

How lucky we are to enjoy nights like tonight. Where we discuss Prop 8 and proffesional meaning, share heartache and inside jokes, swap idle gossip and real friendship. Hearts aflutter.

The Outfit
Theory slacks
Banana Republic tank
Forever 21 sequin bolero

The Accessories
Marc by Marc Jacobs charm necklace
Damier inspired bangle
Oh Deer shoes
Gucci bag

The Grade

The Commentary

Still got sequins on the brain today. Clearly, I'm in desperate need of some glamour and fabulousness in my life. Work is a dearth. Blah.

Built the outfit around this little F21 sweater I picked up in NYC with Jean Bean last winter. She got one too. Yay to twinsies.

Got the idea to dig it out when I saw this ah-mazing Phillip Lim jacket paging through this month's InStyle. Chanel meets Show Girl. $895.

Adore sequin capelets for evening especially around the holidays. Have a few sparkly beauties I've found thrifting.

Feel so very Kate when I wear them. NO one rocks sequins more effortlessly.

Over the weekend, dug out these MJ charms Mr. D got me years ago. Never wear them because they came strung up on a BLUE ribbon. Ugh - too costumey. Bad Marc. So I snipped them off the ribbon and slipped them onto a silver chain. Loving the result. This might be my new fave necklace.

Also loving the debut of my FREE pair of Oh Deer's

Especially the flashes of red. Eeks!

Not, however, digging the mop today. Decided to go au naturale with Natalie as my inspiration. But I needs to get the right products to better define the curl. My arsenal has become all about straightening.

Curly Sues, please send me your recommendations. Danke. Currently use a concoction of Kiehl's Silk Groom and Redken Leave In for DISTRESSED HAIR. Ugh. My fro is definitely distressing ;)

p.s. This look on Gossip Girl was a trainWRECK tonight - the fit, the colors, the textures. F.

Thank god, the Mayle coat covered up all the wrongness.

Serenas need to stick to sequins.


Milly said...

Lovely!!...nice shoes!

Unknown said...

While I'm not a "curly sue" my hair stylist is and she swears by Deva Curl. Love the sweater btw.

LRB said...

I agree w/all your commentary. Natalie Portman should never look that sluggish. And sometimes I wonder if they forget that Blake Lively may possibly have hips?

amber said...

ew! why would they put blake in that monstrosity? she is a slim girl, but that just makes her look short and dumpy. blech.

loving all the sequins.

Emily said...

I too have been loving sequins since seeing an awesome Herve Leger for BCBG dress. Unfortunately the wallet doesn't quite stretch to that purchase (even though it would be an awesome New Year's dress), and I haven't seen anything cheaper that doesn't look cheap.

Serena's outfit is disgusting and far too short...first major style foul I've seen on Gossip Girl.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

So into the sequins. We don't get Gossip Girl on free tv here in Australia, what a shame but I love hearing about from you girls.

weezermonkey said...

That Thanksgiving dress on Serena made her look like a turkey. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Curly Sue, for what it's worth, I use a 2-part Aveda "be curly" system: put the "be curly curl enhancing lotion" on wet hair and air dry, then finish with "be curly curl control" for more definition. XOXO to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you - I thought Serena looked a mess! Also, she has fake boobs!


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